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MPs Pay Rise: Are MPs Really Horrified Over the 11 Per Cent Pay Rise?

MPs Pay Rise: Are MPs Really Horrified Over the 11 Per Cent Pay Rise?

MPS PAY RISE: ARE MPS REALLY HORRIFIED OVER THE 11 PER CENT PAY RISE? – It’s unlikely that any austerity beaten taxpayer isn’t now fully aware that the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) awarded MPs a staggering 11 per cent pay rise which will bring the average MPs salary to nearly 3 times the national average wage.

Yes I know it is quite frankly offensive and the public are rightly outraged; but according to sources so are many MPs.

According to inside information there’s almost civil war in Westminster with the likes of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband fuming over what is little more than a kick in the teeth for the austerity squeezed taxpayer.

Of course there are opposing views in Westminster, some such as Jack Straw, feel that the pay rise is justified as this would encourage young people from modest backgrounds to get involved in politics and seek a position of an MP.

Mr. Straw is of course correct; who wouldn’t want a cushy job whereby you get to sit on your backside for four days a week and jet off on holiday four times a year.

On top of that there are all the expenses; MPs claim all manner of expenses from the taxpayer, including plush hotel accommodation, travel and even their gas and electricity bills; but to name just a few.

I often wonder how many people, both British and foreign, really understands British democracy; although using the word ‘democracy’ in today’s governance is a misconception most of the British public have.

Yes the life of an MP really is financially rewarding considering most don’t achieve anything other than plunging Britain further into debt which then results in more austerity measures being imposed upon the working families.

By now you should know that the IPSA have awarded an 11 per cent pay to MPs which will see their basic pay rise from £66,396 to £74,000; I doubt very much if any taxpayer would agree or even find justification to such a figure.

For those in Government opposing the pay rise, in which the IPSA have stated that they have no choice but to accept, the words that are being bandied around are ‘preposterous’, ‘unthinkable’ and ‘wholly inappropriate’.

Yes their views are that such a pay rise is outrageous considering most working families have only seen a pay rise at less than 1 per cent whilst inflation hangs at around 2.2 per cent – that’s right the average working family isn’t even permitted to earn sufficient to keep up with rising costs.

Sir Ian Kennedy

Sir Ian Kennedy – Chairman of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

What is interesting is that many MPs are considering handing over their pay rise to charities; however, on the other spectrum there are many backbenchers who are angry that other MPs and the public are outraged and they are vehemently arguing that they fully deserve the pay rise.

Their main argument appears to be that it’s fine for the likes of David Cameron and Nick Clegg to call for restraint because they are already millionaires and don’t need the money – it certainly appears that this is simply a case whereby the green eyed monster of jealousy has reared its ugly head and that backbenchers feel they are entitled to become wealthy at the expense of the taxpayer… nothing much new in that really.

Of course it is these same people who feel it is appropriate and indeed manageable for working families to live on less than a third of what they earn.  Once again the British public will look towards Westminster and acknowledged that we are not all in this together and it really is a case of them and us.

There are another couple of pieces of the puzzle yet to be explored so let’s take a closer look.  The IPSA announced that the pay rise would be offset by the reduction in allowable expenses claims and that MPs who resign from Parliament will no longer be entitled to the lucrative ‘goodbye’ payments.

However, it is interesting to note that if the public do not vote for a particular candidate and therefore he or she loses their seat the taxpayer will have to cough up a very tidy sum – that’s right if the public deems an MP incompetent and gets rid of them they are rewarded for such.

Call me an old cynic but the piece of the puzzle that most intrigues me is why are so many MPs opposed to the pay rise?  After all it was Parliament who handed complete power over to their chums at the IPSA.

It might appear that giving power over to the IPSA is a ploy that fends off any form of public admonishment; that is MPs are now able to state that it’s not their fault as they have no say over any pay rise award and in fact they cannot even turn it down.  It really does appear very convenient from where I sit.

I honestly feel that MPs who find this ‘preposterous’, ‘unthinkable’ and ‘wholly inappropriate’ are merely attempting to cajole the public into thinking they actually care.

We are less than 18 months away from a General Election and the last thing that David Cameron, or any other MP, wants is to be seen as greedy, inept and incompetent and so it’s not surprising they are all bellowing the usual rhetoric for this debacle will certainly cost some of them precious votes and they will now attempt to distance themselves from the continuous greed that goes on in Westminster at the expense of the taxpayer.

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