MPs Set to Spend £200,000 on Plush Commons Restaurant

by Editor | May 13, 2014 6:47 am

MPS SET TO SPEND £200,000 ON PLUSH COMMONS RESTAURANT – The Strangers’ Dining Room in Parliament is a real favourite with many MPs; it is of course a place of opulence, exclusivity and ultimately where our greedy, morally challenged and incompetent Members of Parliament can go to eat, drink and be merry at your expense.

It’s now been announced that MPs have signed off on plans to spend £200,000 of your hard earned cash just so they can consume millions of pounds in food and drink that you subsidise in even more comfort … can’t you just feel the respect they have for the taxpayer.

Strangers Dining Room - Houses of Parliament[1]

Whilst thousands of taxpayer across the country struggle to put food on the tables these parasite; and that’s being kind, are quaffing booze and food at your expense and in a restaurant you’ll never be privileged enough to see the inside of.

If you think I was exaggerating, regarding the millions of pounds spent subsidising these people then think again for last year’s bill came in at almost £5 million. Yes, you coughed up £5 million so those in Parliament could eat and drink as well as any multi-millionaire but without of course having to worry about the bill.

Of course the renovations won’t affect our illustrious MPs for they will on their summer holiday break in the sun whilst the ten-week revamp occurs.

I am sure you are comforted by the fact that after their much deserved summer holiday they will all once again flock back to Parliament and enjoy the opulent facilities, fine dining and all fine wines and exclusive spirits you could shake a stick at.

According to MPs the public doesn’t have anything to complain about for whilst Parliament takes its periodical breaks the dining room will be hired out for private functions… yes that’s the level of contempt you get for it’s still costing the taxpayer £200,000 and you’ll still have to foot the exorbitant food and drink bill at £5 million a year.

When the figures are broken down, and despite the vast salaries MPs receive, it equates to a food and drink subsidy of no less than £7,500 per MP per year.

Yes it’s good to be an MP for you can saddle the taxpayer with ongoing austerity measures whilst never having to be subjected to it… and you wonder why I don’t vote.

According to some MPs the work is essential for it is more of a ‘conservation project’; that is the Grade II listed Palace of Westminster is in dire need of being renovated.  The dining room is, as many MPs will contest, ‘architecturally and historically important’.

That might indeed be the case but when it is used exclusively to feed and water those who should be serving the public it becomes wholly offensive.

Welcome to austerity Britain… a place where austerity means the taxpayer is forced to fork out feeding the rich.

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