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Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Muslims Living on Mars

Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Muslims Living on Mars

MUSLIM CLERICS ISSUE FATWA AGAINST MUSLIMS LIVING ON MARS – No I don’t smoke weed nor do I participate in any form of substance abuse; therefore the headline is perfectly correct.

Reports have come in that clerics in the UAE have issued a fatwa against anyone travelling to and living on Mars for such would be un-Islamic and akin to committing suicide.

No I haven’t been drinking either.  Certainly I’m not adverse to the odd tipple but that’s rarely affordable these days.  Yes it’s true, a number of Muslim clerics have stated that living on Mars is akin to committing suicide and according to the Koran it is strictly forbidden in Islam to take your own life.

Yes I know what you’re thinking… how on earth does blowing yourself up in order to kill others in an act of terrorism not constitute taking your own life.

Well in the minds of the delusional this is justified because you are doing Allah’s work by ridding the earth of a few infidels and therefore despite taking your own life this is not only forgiven but will in fact reward you with a rightful place in paradise and have access to 72 virgins.

The fatwa was issued by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endownment (GAIAE) in the UAE after the Mars One organisation announced that it would attempt to establish a permanent human colony on Mars.

Islamic clerics believe that the atmospheric conditions on Mars would be so perilous that it would be nothing short of attempting suicide and therefore it must not be permitted by Islam.

The reported that such a journey, one that was inevitably a one-way trip, could never be justified and that any Muslim considering such an act that would ultimately put their own life at risk and would therefore be breaking scripture.

There are two possible ways to consider the issuing of the fatwa, the first being that a number of Islamic clerics have really lost the plot or that they are indeed forward thinking people who are humanitarians of the highest order for they refuse to allow their people to put their lives in peril.

Considering the widespread use of martyrs I suspect the latter is more than a little optimistic for the clerics went on to say that those travelling would almost certainly die for no ‘righteous reason’ – yes unfortunately those who support terrorism consider committing suicide as a ‘righteous’ act.

“‘Protecting life against all possible dangers and keeping it safe is an issue agreed upon by all religions and is clearly stipulated in verse 4/29 of the Holy Quran: Do not kill yourselves or one another. Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful.” Professor Dr Farooq Hamada

Carefully note Dr. Hamada’s conclusion; it stipulates that Muslims should not kill themselves or ‘one another’ – it is the ‘one another’ that is disturbing for that statement clearly refers only to Muslims, therefore giving righteousness to the killing of non-Muslims.

Since the creation of GAIAE in 2008 it has issued no less than two million fatwa’s which only pays testament to the unbridled control the religious leaders have over their people.

You can dress this up anyway you like but from a standpoint of sanity; that is where the mind is free of alcohol or any form of substance abuse, such is the oppressive nature of religion which is certainly not restricted to Islamic teachings.

Well I suppose we can take some comfort in this latest round of oppressiveness and that is the fact there will be few, if any, Muslims willing to kill innocent people on Mars … when is the ship leaving and where can I book a ticket?

You might have to wait a while for Mars One hopes that it will be able to establish a colony sometime in the year 2025 but initially any planned missions will simply consist of transporting cargo and unmanned preparations for making the planet habitable.

This all might sound like science fiction but look at what mankind has achieved in the last 100 years alone and it is apparent that such could become a reality in the very near future.

To date some 500 Muslims have applied to participate which goes to show you that there are indeed some who would like to escape the oppressive clutches of the clerics.

With over 200,000 applicants already applying the Mars One organisation has stated that it has short listed just over 1,000 people to take part in what is a very ambitious project.

Undertaking such a journey is certainly a one-way trip and extremely perilous. According to scientists Mars lies some 141.6 million miles from the Sun and has an average surface temperature of -85F. If that’s not harsh enough then there is the issue of breathing for its atmosphere is just 1% that of the Earth’s pressure and consists of 95% carbon dioxide.

Such a shame about that fatwa.

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