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Muslim Patrol Trio Jailed for Attempting to Enforce Sharia Law in East London

Muslim Patrol Trio Jailed for Attempting to Enforce Sharia Law in East London

MUSLIM PATROL TRIO JAILED FOR ATTEMPTING TO ENFORECT SHARIA LAW IN EAST LONDON – Did a British court just upset the apple cart of political correctness cajoling to the Muslim community?  Yes it appears that way, for three men have now been jailed for attempting to enforce Sharia law in east London; where of course no such law is recognised or sanctioned under English law.

Yes, three deranged Islamic extremists, Jordan Horner, Ricardo MacFarlane and another 23 year old male that cannot be named for legal reasons where sentenced to 68 weeks, 12 moths and 24 weeks in prison respectively.

Muslim Patrol Trio Jailed

Left: Jordan Horner | Right: Ricardo MacFarlane

Before we move on… there is a question here that needs answering – Why did the courts deem that one Muslim extremist should not be named for legal reasons; after all the courts allowed the naming of Sergeant Alexander Blackman; and for just doing his job?


Government Betrayal of Sergeant Alexander Blackman

The trio were accused and subsequently found guilty of roaming an area of east London and harassing members of the public; generally targeting those who were carrying drink or where the trio felt that they were ‘inappropriately’ dressed in what they referred to as an area that was under enforcement by Sharia law.

The ‘Muslim Patrol’ were jailed after a number of people complained to the police including one couple who were harassed for walking down a street holding hands; again the trio demanded they cease such an activity as it was deemed offensive to Muslims and that the area was under Muslim control.

In another incident, a group of men were attacked after being spotted drinking alcohol from a can in the street; during the attack the woman who accompanied the men was told that she would burn in hell for the way that she dressed.

The court was also told of a number of other incidences where witnesses had given statements including where Horner and MacFarlane attacked men drinking in Shoreditch, shouting: ‘Kill the non-believers.’

Horner then punched two of the group, hitting James Forward in the jaw and knocking out Patrick Kavanagh with a sucker punch to the head.

On January 13, Horner and the 23-year-old harassed another couple, Clare Coyle and Robert Gray, as they were walking in Stepney – accusing Miss Coyle of being a ‘slag’.

Horner, a self confessed Muslim convert and close associate to hate preacher Anjem Choudary, pleaded guilty to two of the charges of assault and two charges of using threatening behaviour and words.

This is not the first time the Muslim convert has been in trouble with the law; in fact he was jailed last year for attacking a photographer and he has often been seen walking around east London putting up posters that declare the area to be under administration by Sharia law.

“This is a case about religious vigilantism. These men were members of a self-styled Muslim Patrol who threatened, intimidated and even assaulted members of the public who they perceived to be behaving in an un-Islamic manner.

The men accosted members of the public in neighbourhoods of East London which they claimed were Muslim areas, and where according to them different law applied.” Prosecutor Alex Chalk

In summing up the trial the judge took a dim view of how these so-called Muslim extremists conducted themselves in public and indeed the lack of tolerance they showed in what is deemed a remarkably tolerant society considering the rise of Muslim’s intent on violence.

“One of the many good things about living in Great Britain is the tolerance and respect members of the public generally show to one another’s religious beliefs, his dress or his chosen way of life.

When on occasions a person shows their intolerance of another individual whether by aggression or violence and in such a way as to cause real fear to the individual then the law can be invoked to protect that individual.

This law would protect you if someone treated you in this way. It is the very same law that now brings you before this court for your conduct.

My understanding is that Islam is a peaceful religion and this conduct was unfortunately anything but.”  Judge Rebecca Poulet QC

There can be no question that British society cannot tolerate the use of Sharia law in Britain.  Britain remains notably a Christian country and one that dispenses English justice; this cannot and must not change.

We all have a right to live our lives as we see fit but that doesn’t entitle anyone to force their religious or cultural beliefs on others.

Again the message must be loud and clear in that anyone living in the UK must abide by English law and those who find our laws, religious beliefs or culture offensive are more than welcome to leave and find a country that is more in tune with their overall lifestyle.

With the continuation of force from the Muslim quarter this will only bring a greater rise of resentment that will only ever be met by violence once the people feel that this situation is out of control – such an act should never be allow to develop to such a point.

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