Muslims and the Hate they Incite Against Christianity

Muslims and the Hate they Incite Against Christianity

MUSLIMS AND THE HATE THEY INCITE AGAINST CHRISTIANITY - I just read a news report in the Daily Mail regarding a woman and her seven children all being incarcerated for up to 15 years in Egypt for converting from Islam to Christianity.

The story goes that the woman was once a Christian but after marrying her Egyptian Muslim husband she converted to his faith.  Upon his death, a number of years ago, the woman decided that she would revert back to her Christian faith and so would her seven children.

In a recent criminal trial, over this incident the woman was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment while each of her children received a prison term of 7 years.

Human rights advocates have warned the sentence is a sign of things to come under the new constitution brought in by President Mohamed Morsi. Daily Mail – full story.

Is it any wonder why the Western world is unable to understand the Islamic faith, when this type of Human Rights abuse is allowed and where women are heavily restricted in what they can and cannot do in their daily lives?

For me there seems an endless and continuous stream of anti-Christian sentiment from Muslims due to their indoctrination of the Islamic faith.  Once again I am asking my Muslim friends why the Koran teaches its people to commit such atrocities on another human being.  Should we not all be allowed to choose our own path, religious or otherwise?  And why are women, under the Islamic faith treated no better than a dog?

Muslims and the Hate they Incite Against Christianity - A report on how a woman is imprison for 15 years in Egypt for converting to Christianity and what needs to be done.

I am often told that there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed; however I am beginning to fail to understand how this can be true when such a vast and overwhelming majority of Muslims act this way.

I am of the opinion that the Koran does in fact teach its believers that only Man is supreme and the Woman is nothing more than a means to serve her master – it’s basically modern day slavery wrapped in a shroud of arcane religious beliefs.

Again, I would like to go back to a recent article that I wrote and ask the question – Is It Time to Systematically Deport Muslims Who Will Not Abide by British Law?

To a degree I can understand why Muslims hate the Christian faith, and its followers. I can, to a degree, also understand why Muslims have turned to terrorism in order to try and bring a downfall to western civilization, one only has to cast their minds back to the Holy Wars and the Crusades to fully realize how the Catholic Church persecuted and murdered millions of Muslims, all in the name of their Christian God.

What I cannot understand is how these types of atrocities can occur in modern times.  The west has made its mistakes in the past and we have admitted to them. We now welcome all races, regardless to their religious beliefs, into our homes in the hope that our actions can be seen, and appreciated, as a gesture of peace and unity.

This particular case, with its overwhelming persecution of a person, simply because of her gender and religious beliefs surely must open our eyes and finally realize that integration, acceptance and understanding between those of the Christian and Islamic faith is never going to work, simply because we see this type of behaviour as a direct breach of Human Rights while the Islamism see it as a direct insult to God.

Consider this… Would you put two fighting dogs in the same pit if you didn’t want them to fight?  The obvious answer is no, so why do Western governments insist that we can live side by side, Christian and Muslim, when it is so blatantly obvious the Muslims are never going to adopt the Western way of life in the mainstream, any more that Christians are going to convert to Islam.

This mix is a volatile one and one where I personally think that only mutual division can resolve, that is Muslims need to be living in an Islamic country and Christian in a Christian country and neither should remark or comment on the others views, opinions, laws, beliefs or way of life – maybe then we could all live in peace with our kindred spirits.

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  • Donna Wozny

    I have a hard time calling Musliim/Islam a religion simply because no other religion behaves this way-they are basically quiet and humble-from Buddhists to Wiccans. The Muslim belief is more a philosophy and a culture that dictates lives and advocates violence to advance their agenda which is focused on any non-muslim, not just Christians.

    • meebal

      I have a hard time with most religions. Think again regarding Buddhists – the Rohinyga are being systematically driven from their homes, beaten and murdered by Buddhists – see:

      The Thai nations is mainly a Buddhist country and yet they are No.3 in the league of countries with the highest level of Gun Crime in the world – way above the U.S.

      As for the Catholic Church – this organisation is responsible for the genocide of millions and as yet, due to its wealth and power, has never been held accountable for its crimes.

      I consider most religions no more that organisations that prey on the weak, uneducated and disenchanted – it’s merely a way to control people… do you know of any company in the world that could persuade its worker to strap themselves up with a bomb and commit murder? The answer is probably no, but most religions are more than capable of brainwashing their followers, and this is certainly not restricted to Muslims.