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Muslims Vilify Western Values and Yet 91 Women are Raped in Egypt Riots

Muslims Vilify Western Values and Yet 91 Women are Raped in Egypt Riots

MUSLIMS VILIFY WESTERN VALUES AND YET 91 WOMEN ARE RAPED IN EGYPT RIOTS – According to an article in the Daily Mail there have been no less than 91 women raped and sexually assaulted in just 4 days of rioting.

Full Story – Daily Mail says…

According to Muslim clerics Westerners are decadent with no self control.  We are a race of filthy animals that should be slaughtered in the eyes of Allah. We are immoral, we lack values and above all we are an insult to Allah himself.

Is It Time to Systematically Deport Muslims Who Will Not Abide by British Law?

I can only thank the stars above that I am not a Muslim whose twisted views of humanity are molded to suit their own vile rhetoric.

In just four days of rioting 91 women have been raped and one Western female reporter seriously sexually assaulted.

So much for the virtues of the Muslim Brotherhood; an organization lead by impudent men who see women as nothing more than cattle to be used, abused and raped at will.

Yesterday I wrote an article on how Muslim terrorist are committing the most heinous crime known to man; the teaching of children to hate any person who refuses to follow the will of Allah.


The Video Muslims Do NOT Want You See

Hate by anyone is an atrocity but to teach a child to hate someone with such deep resentment that results in them willing to strap themselves with an explosive device and become a martyr is beyond evil.

Child Muslim Terrorists - Image 1

I fail to see how any man can call himself a ‘man of God’ and then turn around and commit such atrocities but when you look closely and realise that a Muslim cleric will happily sanction the rape and murder of a 5 year old girl by her father you then realise that you are entangled into a religion that has nothing to do with the sanctity of human life but rather its ultimate depravity.

In the UK and across the Western hemisphere we are being told that it is an act of racism to admonish a particular race of people or their religious beliefs. We are repeatedly told that we must learn to accept their culture and take them into our communities.

I wonder if the liberal left-wing members would be equally as happy to let a known paedophile babysit sit their children because that very act is akin to asking us to accept that Muslims should be allowed to teach children to hate, rape children, rape women and refuse them any type of human rights.

Egypt Rioter Rape 91 Women

We in the West get angry and sometimes we demonstrate.  Some demonstrations turn violent and yes women and children are raped on a regular basis.

However I wonder how many courts would accept the defence of a 5 year old child being brutally raped due to the father having suspicions that his 5 year old daughter was no longer a virgin and the only way to prove that fact was to rape her.  Of course it doesn’t stop there.  After he raped her he then murdered her because ‘his’ honour had been offended in the eyes of Allah.

Yes this was an actual case and as with Muslim tradition the Muslim cleric responsible for such a heinous act was allowed to walk free as he had the right, under Islamic law, to do whatever he pleased with his daughter.


Saudi Cleric Murders His 5 Year Old Daughter

The other question I would like to pose to the liberal left-wing is that I wonder how acceptable they would find it if we set up community centres whereby we could teach our children to hate another person with such venom and provide them with arms in order to undertake acts of Jihad.

Of course the liberal left-wing will never have to worry about such an atrocity for the vile infidel, such as myself, could never adopt such a belief that teaching a child to hate is a good thing; regardless of our religious beliefs.

Not all Muslims are the same; I have many friends who are Muslims and each of them fully agrees with my views.

We need to turn our backs on those who would condone such atrocities and its time we stopped trying to understand their point of view because there is no point of view that could convince me or other decent Westerners to commit such atrocities that the Muslims appear to adopt so easily.

Should Western society outlaw the practice of the Islamic religion in order to preserve Western values or are we all becoming a little Islamaphobic? Please leave your comments below.

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