Mystery Teenager Found Wandering in City Centre Does NOT Know His Own Identity

Mystery Teenager Found Wandering in City Centre Does NOT Know His Own Identity

MYSTERY TEENAGER FOUND WANDERING IN CITY CENTRE DOES NOT KNOW HIS OWN IDENTITY – Local authorities and a charity group in Coventry are trying to unravel the mystery of a teenage boy found wandering in Coventry City Centre.

The boy was observed wandering around the local bus station asking people for help and only received some when he heard a couple speaking a language that he understood and approached them; it was this group who got in touch with members of staff from the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.

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Staff discovered that he wasn’t aware who he was, his age or even his nationality.

When the boy was questioned further he alleged that he didn’t even know what a school was and therefore has never attended any type of education.

A local charity group, after talking to the boy, believes that he escaped a house in London where he was trafficked as a very young child.

Currently there is little information to go on but authorities suspect the boy is in his late teens.

The charity group noted that all the boy hand in his possession was a letter from a solicitor stating that boy was ‘stateless’ and as yet the charity group or the authorities have been unable to confirm his identity, age or nationality.

“As far as we can tell he could have fallen out of the sky. He doesn’t know his own name or his country of origin. We don’t know how long he has been in the UK – all we know is that he tells us he got on a bus in London and arrived in Coventry.

He speaks Urdu, Hindi and basic English and says he came to the UK when he was around six years old and has been kept in a house in London.

He told the centre’s safeguarding unit that he was not allowed outside and he did not go to school.” Paul Wheeler, from the charity

The charity group asked the boy a number of questions in order to find out more information but when asked about what went on in the house where was held he became extremely nervous and wouldn’t say any more.

Due to his current status of being ‘stateless’ the boy has a number of underlying issues as he is unable to legally register with any of the bodies in the UK and therefore cannot even obtain medical assistance or help from numerous government agencies.

To date the authorities and the charity group are at a complete loss as to what to do with the boy but for now will be held in a detention centre and questioned further in the hope of unraveling the mystery of his identity, age and indeed nationality.

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