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Nadine Dorries Pockets Cash for Attending Charity Quiz Show

Nadine Dorries Pockets Cash for Attending Charity Quiz Show

NADINE DORRIES POCKETS CASH FOR ATTENDING CHARITY QUIZ SHOW – Just three weeks ago Tory MP Nadine Dorries had the audacity to try and convince austerity strapped taxpayer’s that she was struggling to make ends meet on her £74,000 salary, plus expenses, plus perks, plus, plus, plus.


MP Nadine Dorries Feels MPs are Underpaid Even with the Recent Pay Rise

Nadine Dorries is the personification of the incompetency and greed we have become so enlightened too from our politicians and once again Nadine Dorries shows just how incompetent and greedy she is.

Nadine Dorries MP

It has been revealed that Ms. Dorries was asked to appear on a TV quiz show for charity; in which she agreed for the sum of £4,000 that was to go to her chosen charity the Bedordhsire and Luton Community Trust

Obviously Ms. Dorries was not quite as busy dealing with affairs of Government or her constituents as she so often bleats on about; this is clearly the case after she attended the 2012 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and then was duly suspended from Parliament as a result.  The question remains… did anyone notice she was gone during her period of suspension?  I doubt it very much.

What the ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ programme directors were thinking is not yet clear for Nadine Dorries is not in fact a ‘celebrity’ but rather a public lackey for the taxpaying public – although considering her level of professionalism and lack of knowledge its beggars belief how she managed to garner sufficient votes to acquire office in the first instance – voters really are a fickle lot.

This is not said likely for despite Ms. Dorries charging an appearance fee of £3,800 her lack of even basic knowledge only managed to accrue £1,000 for charity; she managed to answer just 3 questions right out of 9 which were all noted to be fairly easy.

Once again, despite Nadine Dorries cries of being hard-done-by, the company ‘Averbrook’ which she set up to deal with her ‘outside’ earnings currently lists a number of payments including £3,800 for The Chance, £6,960 for just 12 days in the jungle on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and £13,268 for other TV appearances, interviews and photoshoot.

Just these alone amount to £24,028 and once added to her £74,000 MP salary (not including all her other perks and expenses) provided her with a taxable income of £98,028; not bad for someone who has time to appear on so many TV shows which achieves nothing for the taxpayer who employs her.

Yes, once again Nadine Dorries is the shining example of a politicians life; that it the greed never ends which most feel are entitled to celebrity status and all at the expense of the taxpayer.

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