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NekNominate Claims a Third Life in Britain

NekNominate Claims a Third Life in Britain

NEKNOMINATE CLAIMS A THIRD LIFE IN BRITAIN – Almost all of the news corporations running this latest tragedy refer to Bradley Eames, a 20 year old who filmed himself downing three pints of gin and videoing the spectacle as a ‘victim’.

As noted it is a tragedy but the use of the word ‘victim’ is not correct unless you view his death as a victim of stupidity.

For those participating in NekNominate there can be little or no sympathy for consuming such a vast quantity of alcohol and indeed often mixed with other substances such as cleaning fluid, can only lead a rational person to acknowledge that such an act is not only irresponsible but ultimately life threatening.

Bradley Eames, as with the others, leaves behind friends and family and one can only ponder on the devastation they must be experiencing at his passing.

Some people are certainly easily lead by peer pressure or the need to feel they can achieve something that no other is capable of.  Certainly most of us take risks with all manner of sports and activities but the craze of NekNomination from my perspective makes no sense and as hard as I might try I cannot comprehend the lure or value in performing such an act for the pleasure of others.

NekNomination has become an internet craze with people posting all manner of videos depicting the consumption of cocktails that often contain life threatening quantities of either alcohol or other substances… the question remains… why?

Why would anyone want to engage in such a deliberate act of self-harming?  More importantly why would anyone goad others to do the same?

Do we really live in a world where people actually find some type of entertainment in watching other people potentially commit suicide?

Make what you like of NekNomination for in reality this exactly what NekNomination involves; that being the pressure to entertain others whilst attempting to commit suicide.

It’s difficult to admonish Bradley Eames, for his friends and family are unquestionably devastated but there is a question that needs answering.

Bradley Eames drank the equivalent of 30 shots of gin in the two-minute video that he posted on YouTube.  After consuming the lethal dose he then challenged others to do the same… therefore the question must be… what sort of person would put other people’s lives at risk by attempting to challenge others into such a foolish act?

Bradley’s family and friends quickly condemned his action and he vowed that he wouldn’t engage in such a practice again; unfortunately the damage was already done and four days later Bradley died.

Family members are now waiting for the coroner to undertake further tests to determine his cause of death as the initial post-mortem was inconclusive.

It may transpire that Bradley’s death was not attributed to NekNomination but it can’t be ruled out and certainly consuming such a vast amount of alcohol can result in death.

It was an act of utter stupidity and one that all those considering engaging in should pay heed to.  At our thoughts are with the family for the loss of anyone under such circumstance will leave them wondering why anyone would want to participate in such an act that ultimately can result in such a waste of a life.

If you’ve watched the videos and are thinking about making your own NekNomination video try asking your family and friends how they feel about it… maybe once you realise just how precious you are to them and how sacred your life really is you will reconsider and put aside the foolish notion of entertaining others whilst you put your life in grave danger.

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