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NekNominate Creator Declares Craze Should End

NekNominate Creator Declares Craze Should End

NEKNOMINATE CREATOR DECLARES CRAZE SHOULD END – Ross Samson, 26, a former professional rugby player and the man responsible for the NekNominate craze which has already claimed three lives in the UK, has told the media that it has gone far enough and that people need to stop.

Ross Samson - Neknominate

The first ever Neknominate video was posted on Christmas Day 2013 and has since spread across YouTube and the social networks life wildfire; claiming three lives in the UK within just months.

Stephen Brookes, 27, and Isaac Richardson, 20,  were the first two young men to become victims of NekNominate and earlier this week Bradley Eames, 20, became the latest victim after downing nearly two pints (30 shots) of gin.


NekNominate Claims a Third Life in Britain

The very first video uploaded by Ross Samson shows him necking a beer and then daring his friends to go one better; it was a simple dare that was to turn into one of the most ludicrous and stupid crazes that would put people’s lives at risk and indeed cost the lives of three rather gullible young people in the UK.

Within a matter of days a number of his friends participated by necking a beer or two and then propagating their feat on YouTube.

NekNominate quickly spread around the internet resulting in people coming up with all sorts of cocktails to neck in order to outdo and impress their online peers.

Those defending Ross Samson state that he never intended for the video to go viral and he wasn’t responsible for coining the phrase NekNominate; some stated that other people were in fact participating in the craze long before Ross Samson with someone claiming that the phrase NekNominate appeared on Twitter in 2011 and that throughout 2013 the phrase had been mentioned and retweeted 198 times.

With Ross Samson’s first video however the craze took off with the video being mentioned on Twitter 1,048 times in just two weeks – Ross Samson may not have been the creator of NekNominate but there is little doubt that his actions lead to the craze going viral.

Since NekNominate’s rapid spread Ross Samson, due to the number of lives it has claimed, is now actively dissociating himself from the craze and has told the media that it has gone too far and he never intended people to go to such extremes.

We can only hope that those thinking about participating will consider the lives already lost and reflect on the pain and misery NekNominate has caused to their friends and family.

There are undoubtedly lots of life-threatening activities but NekNominate certainly has to be listed among the top for being outrageously reckless.

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