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Nelson Mandela Dies Age 95

Nelson Mandela Dies Age 95

NELSON MANDELA DIES AGE 95 – Nelson Mandela passed away peacefully in his Johannesburg, South Africa home at the age of 95.

Reports from family members state that Nelson Mandela finally succumbed to failing health at 12:50pm EST whilst being surrounded by immediate family members.

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Since being admitted to hospital some five months ago with a lung infection Nelson Mandela has struggled with his ailing health; South Africa is now in a state of national mourning as they say goodbye to a man that was imprisoned for his anti-apartheid beliefs but overcame oppression and became president and world statesman for peace and unity of mankind.

In a televised address to the nation, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma confirmed to the nation and world’s media of Nelson Mandela death and told South African’s and the world; “Our nation has lost its greatest son.”

Within hours of the announcement leaders from around the world gave their heartfelt condolences.

“I cannot fully imagine my life without the example that Nelson Mandela Set.” President Barrack Obama

“A great light has gone out in the world.” British Prime Minister David Cameron

It has been announced by the South African Government that a full state funeral will be accorded to Nelson Mandela from a country that owes one man so much.

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There have been a number of scares over Nelson Mandela’s health over recent months.  After returning from hospital some five months ago he has been virtually bedridden with some say that his bedroom was more akin to an intensive care unit; the last couple of months Nelson Mandela needed a ventilator to breath.

As the news spread across the nation of Nelson Mandela death many people made the journey to his home in order to leave tributes; the mood was certainly that of great loss to a man that was clearly admired worldwide by citizens and politicians of every country.

1918 – 2013 Nelson Mandela : a man who despite his passing will remain a beacon of light to the power of reconciliation.

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Nelson Mandela Dies Age 95