Netanyahu Pledges Justice for Murder of Palestinian Teen

by Editor | July 7, 2014 12:46 am

BBC – Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to bring to justice the killers of a Palestinian teenager whose death has sparked days of rioting.

He was speaking after Israeli police arrested six Jewish suspects over the killing of Mohammed Abu Khdair in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Police believe there was a nationalist motive to the killing, which followed the murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Meanwhile, Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have killed six people.

One strike on Sunday evening – reportedly from a drone – left two people dead and came at the end of a day that saw at least 20 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.

Two later Israeli strikes on Gaza left another four people dead. All six were described as Hamas militants, in what the movement called the biggest single hit against the Islamist group since 2012.

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