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New World Order: The System of Democracy

New World Order: The System of Democracy

NEW WORLD ORDER: THE SYSTEM OF DEMOCRACY – Less than a week ago dear old Boris Johnson-the Mayor of London, declared that most British people shouldn’t be allowed to vote; he suggested that people simply didn’t have sufficient grey-matter to analyse the political situation adequately in order to make an intelligent informed decision to which party they should vote for.


Mr. Johnson words were that equality was unachievable when 16% of the pubic had an IQ of less than 85.

Well, that went down like a ton of bricks and Boris Johnson certainly took a beating in the news. It was surprising to note that David Cameron didn’t say a word; after all Mr. Johnson is seen as Mr. Cameron’s main rival for the leadership of the Conservative Party and many expected him to have something to say on the matter.

That however changed yesterday as finally Mr. Cameron stepped out and said that all people have an equal opportunity to look at what a Government achieves and therefore can create an informed decision.

Mr. Cameron went on to say that Mr. Johnson’s remarks were both ‘careless’ and ‘unpleasant’ and it is now thought that Mr. Johnson may be deeply regretting his remarks.

Going back further by a couple more weeks and Jeremy Paxman announced he didn’t vote in the last elections; his view was that he couldn’t in all good conscience vote in a political party in which he had little or indeed no faith in.

Both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Paxman received a right old drubbing from the media and on social media by members of the public.

Yes, they were outraged that Mr. Paxman makes a very handsome living from politics but didn’t bother to vote; some pointed out that he shouldn’t be able to pass comment nor debate an issue that he is not a part of.

As for Mr. Johnson his remarks sparked fury because most people believe that they do in fact understand and can comprehend politics fully and therefore have every right to vote – of course they are right, we all have the right to vote but do we really make an informed decision?

Let’s cast our minds back to the days of Tony Blair.  Despite his continuous failings, the lies, the deceit and leading Britain into what is almost a widely accepted illegal conflict, the public continued to vote him to power.

A few years later Mr. Blair steps down and Gordon Brown takes over.  The writing was certainly on the wall and Mr. Brown had more chance of being offered a trip to the Moon than he was at being re-elected.

On stage came David Cameron, you know the bloke who said ‘Call me Dave’.  Such a nice man and certainly the face appeared to fit and the public went to the polls.

The only trouble is, with our well-informed and decisive vote, that the British public really couldn’t decide.  Do we vote in another public school boy or re-elect Gordon Brown and four more years of a Labour Government who were convinced they could spend their way out of a recession.

No, the public couldn’t decide; which led Mr. Cameron to approach Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and despite him being a complete and utter wet, Mr. Cameron viewed an alliance with the Liberal Democrats as something as more palatable than having a hung parliament; resulting in yet another expensive election campaign in order to woo the electorate.

At this point you really don’t know whether to laugh or cry but the unholy alliance was sanctioned and hey, presto a new coalition Government was born out of the ashes of the public’s indecisiveness.

Roll on 3 years and it appears that the public are more than a little sick of Mr. Cameron; after all he’s racked up quite a spending spree that’s piled on the national debt to a point where Britain could well go the same way as Greece.

How informed are the British public?  Do they fully realise that when Greece went bust its nation debt was 267% to that of its national income?

That figures pales in comparison to Britain as its national debt now stands at 508%, and that is not taking into consideration future debt such as pensions.

There is sufficient data from polls and surveys to suggest that the public are in fact acutely aware of the problems Britain faces but they feel helpless; that is they demand Mr. Cameron takes action on certain issues and yet nothing appears to get done – here we are facing an EU crisis over the Right of Free Movement and Mr. Cameron is jetting off to China with a few of his cronies to see if he can strike a few deals that will inflate their wealth; no doubt there’s a good drink in it for him at the end of the day.

So what does the British public really want?  Ask anyone on the street and they’ll tell you they want a Government that will listen to them and act as directed.

Sounds like a reasonable request, after all Britain is supposed to be a democracy and those in Government are paid by the taxpayer.

Now that the definitions, as we know them, are explained, can anyone honestly say, with hand on heart, that anyone living in the Western hemisphere is living under a democracy?

I’m beginning to think that Boris Johnson is right in his assumption that we simply don’t have the brains to vote and when we do there appears no rationale behind the decision; again look at the Blair years – three times the public voted for him; maybe this was merely out of desperation to ensure another Tory Government didn’t sweep to powers.

I would suggest the public does know what they want and yet when it comes around to election time they’ll happily compromise their ideologies and simply vote in the next set of liars and thieves.

I too, like Jeremy Paxman, didn’t vote in the last election; in fact I haven’t cast a vote in the last three elections and the reason is simple… I refuse to be culpable of voting in liars, thieves and incompetent fools just to be able to say I cast a vote; the notion is not only wrong and immoral but goes against my political beliefs.

Like any other taxpayer I want a Government who will not only listen to my views but will also do my bidding – that is they should do as they are told under a democratic vote.

You might be thinking that such a notion is naïve at best, but I strongly believe in the rule of democracy and there hasn’t been a democratic Government in power since the time Parliament first convened.

Let’s take just the EU as an example.  Most of the British public wants a referendum, in fact they are demanding it and yet David Cameron is refusing to provide such which clearly violates the ideology of democracy.

The title of this article might have frightened a few, intrigued others and left some feeling that this is just another Illuminati conspiracy theory and yet it’s nothing of the kind.

We often think about a new world order as being something akin to the elitists taking fully control but in fact it doesn’t have to take on that personal.

The second part of the title refers to the system of democracy; something that clearly doesn’t exist in Britain or indeed any other country that purports to have a democratic system of Government.

So why can’t we change and implement a true system of democracy?  In fact the modern age of telecommunications and especially the internet clearly shows that people can communicate and do so clearly and decisively given the opportunity – there really isn’t a right or wrong in politics but rather simply a different view point and that doesn’t, as Mr. Johnson might suggest, make us dim-witted and therefore unable to cast an informed vote.

At we’ve suggested an electronic and democratic referendum system before and it is not impossible to implement and certainly not impossible to manage.

The U.S a couple of years back implemented a system whereby people could lodge a petition with their Government.  The rule was that if a particular petition received 100,000 votes or more then the Government would look at the petition and see how it could be implemented.

The petition system still remains today but it isn’t very effective and for one very good reason; the U.S Government, as with the British Government, is not a democracy but rather a system of control by powerful corporations who lobby the Government in order to effect change so that they may increase their profits.

The U.S, like most western countries, likes to portray an image of several freedoms; that is the Right to Free Speech, the Right to Free Express and a number of other rights that are in this case of the U.S formalized in the Constitution.

On this basis you might be thinking that attempting to implement an electronic referendum system would be futile; after all the real power lies within the corporations – or at least that’s the conspiracy theory.

We are about to once again be asked to go to the polls and vote in the next set of liars, thieves and those with no moral compass and once again I certainly will not be party to it.

What I want and what the voter wants is democracy, and unless I can find a political party that is willing to implement an electronic referendum system then I will again abstain from voting.

In order to affect change, it takes a collective will and if you really want democracy then tell your politicians that you won’t settle for anything less and you want it in writing before you vote.

An electronic referendum system will put the power back in the hands of the people for the Government should be forced to put all important matters, such as the EU, to a public vote and they should implement the majority vote without delay.

Yes, such a system won’t make the likes of David Cameron happy but ultimately we all have one voice and one vote and therefore the results of such a system must be accepted and adopted by all; regardless of how you vote – majority rule is of course pure democracy and once we have it we can finally take the decision making process out of the hands of the politicians and their cronies.

You might think that what has been said here is all nonsense and that is your democratic right, but consider carefully when you do tick that box and ask yourself if the party you are voting for really has your interests at heart or simply their own, and those that pay handsomely into the party coffers to yet again engage in a campaign trail in order to convince you that your vote is important and that your views are being considered.

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