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Nick Clegg Announces Allegiance to Whoever Wins Election

Nick Clegg Announces Allegiance to Whoever Wins Election

NICK CLEGG ANNOUNCES ALLEGIANCE TO WHOEVER WINS ELECTION – Nick Clegg was questioned yesterday if he would serve as Deputy to Boris Johnson if he became leader of the Tory Party and indeed took the Tories to victory in the next General Election.

The answers was a resounding yes but what was more disturbing was the fact that he would form a coalition even with Labour if it meant the Liberal Democrats staying in power.

Did Nick Clegg just sell his soul to the devil?  Does the man have no moral fortitude or principles?

According to Mr. Clegg he feels that the Liberal Democrats are here to stay and in order to retain a seat the Liberal Democrat party will throw its vote behind any party that is in front.

It is looking increasingly likely that once again the next General Election will lead to a hung parliament with the party in front needing another party’s allegiance in order to form a Government.

Nick Clegg Liberal Democrat Party Conference Speech

Of course by now the British public should have learned that a coalition government simply does not work; it becomes a free for all with each side merely attempting to assert their ideology and if they don’t like a particular policy from their coalition partners and don’t get their own way then they simply use their powers to veto any policy making.

When a politician declares that they will do anything to remain in power they really do show what they are made of and in Mr. Clegg’s case that’s not very much.

Mr. Clegg does have some reasonable ideas but unfortunately government cannot be run on flowery ideologies where no real conviction is demonstrated in order to bring such ideologies to fruition.

What is disturbing here is Mr. Clegg’s lack of conviction for he appears more than content to put aside his party’s beliefs just so the Liberal Democrats have a seat at the table; opposed to being thrown scraps from their masters who gorge themselves at the expense of the taxpayer.

What does this tell you about Mr. Clegg?  It’s obvious that he doesn’t care about his ideologies or Britain for like a petulant child he’ll continue to veto any government plans just to spite the fact that he didn’t come up with the idea in the first instance or it is simply not to his liking – if only he knew what his liking was that in itself would be a start.

Once again this leaves a government that is almost unable to function and the result will be pretty much more of the same; more austerity, bigger pay rises for MPs and a country that is drowning under the weight of growing debt.

Mr. Clegg, in his continued delusional state, actually believes that the Liberal Democrats have become adept at government from the centre ground – that could be liberally interpreted as a party that is willing to sit on the fence and berate both sides and if no one listens then any policies suggested can simply be vetoed; how Mr. Clegg can consider such a stance as ‘good government’ is willfully ignorant.

Mr. Clegg’s retort to this would be that the Liberal Democrats job is to fight tenaciously for the good of the country and to steer government policy in the right direction.  Unfortunately if any party is openly willing to side with any opposition party just to get a seat at the table then any ideologies have clearly been compromised and therefore lose any form of direction.

Talking with the Sunday Telegraph Mr. Clegg actually believes in his own rhetoric that the Liberal Democrats are a force in government; in fact they have been losing the public vote by the bucket loads; even UKIP now receives significantly more public support, but that’s not surprising considering Mr. Clegg’s performance over the last three years.

A coalition Government has not worked; pure and simple.  Come the General Election the people will vote but at this point it is looking like another coalition will have to be formed and if that is the case then Britain will continue to suffer as the coalition continue to bicker over policy and veto anything they don’t agree with.

The question the public needs to ask now is whether they would vote for a man who is willing to sell his soul, put aside his political beliefs and side with any party in front, just so he can once again take the chair next to the Prime Minister.

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