Nick Clegg Eyes Up Another Term as Deputy Prime Minister

by Editor | April 28, 2014 4:48 am

NICK CLEGG EYES UP ANOTHER TERM AS DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER – We often accuse our politicians of being out of touch; after all who would blame us considering they feel wholly accountable to their employees… that would be anyone who pays their taxes.

This morning the Daily Mail published an article in which Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party and Deputy Prime Minister, thinks he has a good chance of spending another term in office after the 2015 General Election.

Mr. Clegg has stated that he would refuse to prop up either of the main parties and if either Labour or the Tories failed to win a majority in next year’s General Election he would accept nothing less than another coalition.

From the public’s perspective they might be thinking that Mr. Clegg is somewhat delusional; after all the public has been subjected to four years (with a year to go) of austerity, indecisiveness, incompetency, an obtuse attitude towards public sentiment and all the while added significantly to the pile of national debt.

We are now fully aware that a Coalition Government cannot work for the opposing political ideologies simply do not allow for any tangible policies to be implemented; it really is merely a case of ‘if you give me this, I’ll give you that’ and in the process such not only damages the Government’s ability to tackle issues of national importance it effectively makes it more and more unaccountable to the public to which it serves.

At this point you might be chuckling quietly to yourself for you might be thinking that poor old Nick Clegg is simply delusional if he thinks the Liberal Democrats will be able to swing the balance of power to install either Labour or the Tories, but is Mr. Clegg delusional or does he in fact have a chance if the public’s vote results in yet another hung parliament?

According to the latest polls the Liberal Democrats hold 9% of the vote.  This took a beating after Mr. Clegg challenged Nigel Farage of UKIP to a live EU Debate; it was a disaster for Mr. Clegg which resulted in even greater losses of public support.

With just 9% the Liberal Democrats now run the very real risk of losing all 11 MEPs seats in next month’s EU Elections; it’s also likely that UKIP will take the majority which clearly indicates a swing in public sentiment that none of the major political parties are trusted to run Britain.

This doesn’t however suggest that the Liberal Democrats won’t be able to form a second coalition for if either Labour or the Tories fail to secure the majority vote the may well approach the Liberal Democrats;  if such does transpire they will be seriously under-represented in Parliament which effectively will suppress any polices they may wish to implement.

There is a rather insidious issue to consider however and that is one of the powers of veto. In our view this might be the key that Mr. Clegg holds in that he’ll offer support to either Labour or the Tories providing he gets to veto anything he doesn’t like; at this point any notion of a democratic Government would be dispelled.

Mr. Clegg remains adamant, or delusional, that the Liberal Democrats could make a major contribution; however the public will look upon this and ask if that ‘major contribution’ is anything like the last four years in which its contribution has been to help fuel political correctness, strip away the right to free speech through progressive policies and indeed add to Britain’s national debt.

From our perspective Nick Clegg is merely clutching at straws and nobody is going to throw the Liberal Democrats a life-line as it continues to see a fall in public support unless of course the majority vote isn’t secured.

At this point you might be worried and indeed you should be for effectively your democracy could once again be trampled upon as the political parties take it upon themselves to form an alliance so that a Government can be formed; this in our view is wholly un-democratic for democracy can only ever be secured if the principle of  majority rule is upheld.

The word on the streets indicates growing support for UKIP and whilst they may take a majority in the EU Elections we feel that come the 2015 General Election public support may well start to wane if Nigel Farage isn’t able to come up with a manifesto that details policies covering all other aspects of Britain’s issues other than the obvious issue of Britain’s membership in the European Union.

For another perspective on this issue read Peter Mckay’s column.

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