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Nick Clegg Feels an EU Exit Would Ruin Economic Recovery

Nick Clegg Feels an EU Exit Would Ruin Economic Recovery

NICK CLEGG FEELS AN EU EXIST WOULD RUIN ECONOMIC RECOVERY – Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrat Party Nick Clegg has fired a shot at the Tories by stating that voting Conservative could wreck the economic recovery as they, like UKIP, are thinking about pulling Britain out of the European Union.

In his New Year’s message he placed both the Tories and UKIP in the same barrel by putting politics above the interests of Britain; some have countered this by stating the Mr. Clegg is suggesting the democratic voice of the majority is to play second fiddle to Liberal Democrat policies.

As we rapidly approach the European Elections in May 2014 Mr. Clegg feels that either the Tories or UKIP could quite easily throw away any economic recovery if they insist on fueling EU rhetoric that continues to increase the public’s perception that Britain should pull out of the EU.

No doubt Mr. Clegg’s speech will please the grassroot Liberal Democrats but yet again it will further divide the coalition; if that is at all possible considering the rift is already cavernous.

It now appears as if Mr. Clegg has once again decided on a u-turn over previous Liberal Democrat policy in that previously he indicated that he wanted to enter the next General Election emphasising how well the coalition partnership had manage to dig the country out of a recession under the previous Labour Party.

Of course just weeks ago Mr. Clegg also stated that whichever party needed Liberal Democrats support to form the next Government he would oblige so as to ensure the Liberal Democrats retained a position of power; yes it certainly appears that Mr. Clegg will jump ship to any political persuasion in order to be party to running the country.

Currently Mr. Clegg appears desperate and for good reason; a recent poll indicated that the EU Election would be a complete and utter disaster with UKIP far exceeding Liberal Democrat support.  The recent forecast even predicted that the Liberal Democrats could in fact lose all its MEPs.

Such an event could call for Mr. Clegg to stand down before the 2015 General Election but this would be seen as a futile exercise; the British public simply have no stomach for a political party that continuously sits on the fence and who will, at a drop of a hat compromise their beliefs and change allegiance, just to appear on the winning side.

What Mr. Clegg fails to realise is that there is a vast difference to being viewed as effective and actually being effective in Government; something that he woefully lacks.

Mr. Clegg continues to talk about ‘economic recovery’ and likes to attribute such to his role as Deputy Prime Minister.  The reality is that Mr. Clegg has often attempted to block any reform that would attribute to an economic recovery all in the name of ‘political correctness’ and not wanting to make the difficult decisions needed to move Britain forward.

The British public continues to berate the Government for despite their conviction that Britain is recovering the public are not seeing such effects in their pockets; that is they are still strapped with austerity and wage rises continue to fall well below the level of inflation.

We might well be seeing an economic recovery but this simply means that next year the Government won’t have to borrow as much as the year before.  Call it what you will but for many an economic recovery should be about reducing the national debt not adding to it further as the Chancellor continues to do so.

Mr. Clegg is unfortunately, and will always remain, a failed politician.  He, and his Liberal Democrat Party, is simply incapable of making a firm decision and more importantly standing by it.

Mr. Clegg also insists that the Liberal Democrats are the only party that wants to remain in the EU; this is not surprising as the EU is the one place all failed politicians end up and the last thing Mr. Clegg wants is to lose his ability to make policy without a public vote and in turn force the taxpayer into providing him with a very lucrative salary, expense package and pension.

Mr. Clegg pointed out that the EU is not perfect but it certainly creates jobs, trade and prosperity. In part this assumption is correct but the EU has been transformed from the original concept of allowing EU member states to trade with one another to a behemoth superstate that rules each member nation with an iron fist; it has become a totalitarian entity that is ruled by non-elected despot dictators, a fact that many more taxpayer’s are beginning to recognise.

Mr. Clegg’s recent announcements really do cement the notion that come 2015 the British public will need to make a decisive decision so that they are no longer strapped and stifled by a coalition Government; especially one that involves the Liberal Democrats.

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