Nick Clegg … What a Prat    

Nick Clegg … What a Prat    

Boris Johnson is a bit of a tw**, I can’t decide between David Cameron and George Osborne, and I don’t know the exact size of UK national debt.

These were just a few facts revealed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as he was grilled on Channel 4 comedy show The Last Leg tonight.

According to Mr Clegg he has also though about slapping David Cameron ‘more than 20 times’ during this parliament, and wants to avoid Nigel Farage ‘at all costs’.

Source: Daily Mail


What can you say about a man who sits on the political fence waiting for public opinion to sway and then jump to the majority?  Whilst I’m at it what can you say about a man who will just as quick jump to the other side if the winds of public opinion changes?

The man … that would be Nick Clegg; a Deputy Prime Minister who only got the job after jumping fence, putting his own personal political principles aside and who has yet to make any notable contribution to the British people … an never will.

Boris Johnson might be a bit of a twat at times as Nick Clegg suggests but that’s got to be better than being a failed politician with no direction on political ideology and who, like a turncoat, will switch to any political party as long as he is able to sit his inept backside in the Deputy Prime Minister’s chair.

I truly despite most politicians but I reserve a special loathing for Nick Clegg for he is truly the worst with not an original thought in his head and who will, if left to his own devices, plunge Britain into the cesspit of despair.

The premise for the appearance on the show was to convince Alex Brooker to vote and explain why voting is so important.

Ask any politician why voting is important and the answer will be that voting isn’t important but rather critical … it remains the very foundation of democracy and without the public vote democracy would fail.

The statement is of course correct and therefore you have to ask why there is a growing number of people like me who now refuse to vote?

Frankly Nick Clegg is a prat and he’s only part of the problem, the likes of Ed Miliband is nothing short of a unionist whipping boy who thinks saddling Britain with socialist ideologies is the way forward … yes a socialist regime such as what France has with its 75% rich tax that has effectively seen the country’s wealth leave and head for other countries, including Britain … thanks France.

Let’s not leave out David Cameron … now here’s a man who will tell you that he staunchly believes in the democratic process; that of course would be right up until he’s elected and then he’ll deny the public their democratic rights.

Think Sir David Nicholson the Chief Executive of the NHS which the public called upon Mr. Cameron to sack after 1,200 patients died needlessly … Mr. Cameron of course refused the adhere to the democratic principles of which saw him elected.

It doesn’t stop there either … think about the on-going issue regarding an EU referendum.  There have been countless polls that suggest that a majority of the voting public want a vote and indeed would vote to pull out.

Mr. Cameron’s response … deny the public their democratic rights.

Yes all this is going on right under your noses and yet the politicians will continue to tell you to vote … but who for, is there a lesser evil? And should we knowingly vote in a political party that we do not have 100% conviction in?

I’ve not mentioned UKIP in this and for a very good reason; it has never been in power and therefore remains an unknown quantity.

Whether Nigel Farage would stick to his manifesto is open for debate but what is undeniable is the fact that Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have each contributed to the demise of Britain and if either are voted in at the next general election the public can be assured that things will not get any better but in fact will get much worse.

If I was force to vote however the last thing I would vote for is a prat and one who clearly cares about only a few things … and that would be Nick Clegg, his image and his ability to be Deputy Prime Ministers whatever the cost to the British public.

Feel free to leave your views below.

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