Nick Clegg Will Block Sending Knife Wielding Thugs to Jail

by Editor | May 2, 2014 2:41 am

NICK CLEGG WILL BLOCK SENDING KNIFE WIELDING THUGS TO JAIL – In the wake of Ann Maguire’s murder by a schoolboy who stabbed her to death, senior Cabinet members want a crackdown on people who use knives in attacks by ensuring they cannot escape being sentenced to prison.

Such a move would appear the only sensible thing to do, after all we are talking about public safety here.

Unfortunately if Nick Clegg has his way he’ll block such a move after declaring that it would cost the taxpayer too much money.

In a leaked document handed to the Daily Mail, which they have published, Nick Clegg is not the only one intending to block such a move, indeed Danny Alexander also insists it would be too costly.

It might appear like an extraordinary move by Mr. Clegg and the other clowns we call Liberal Democrats but one only has to examine the party’s history to grasp the content of their character.

Last year we hand Lord Rennard grouping young female junior staff members of which Mr. Clegg refused to do anything about; in fact he admonished the Press for reporting Lord Rennard’s despicable behaviour.

When it comes to wasting public money there was the disaster of the free school meals[1] scheme that cost the taxpayer £1 billion.

We paid witness to the Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, almost giving Royal Mail away by significantly under estimating it true value; some put the loss to the Treasury in the region of £2 billion.

More recently Nick Clegg, along with other Liberal Democrats, continues to deny the vile behaviour of Cyril Smith; a man long suspected to being a prolific paedophile and whose actions were continuously covered up.

In reality Mr. Clegg is perfectly correct; that is locking up any person found guilty of perpetrating a crime with the use of a knife would in fact cost the taxpayer millions but that merely pays testament to the deplorable state of law and order on the streets of Britain.

It is crystal clear that the liberals, over several decades, have turned the tables by making the criminals the victims of a cruel and uncaring society that affords them little if any opportunity.

We’ve stopped punishing criminals and have attempted to rehabilitate them and such is the disaster there is now little room to jail all the criminals and so we have the ongoing debacle of witnessing the courts setting criminals free.

A recent and very disturbing report hit the headlines just days ago where it was declared that the British public is fast becoming reliant on antidepressants; considering the state of liberalised Britain are you really that surprised at such a revelation?

In direct relation to Ann Maguire’s murder the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, proposed a crackdown in which any offender whose crime involved the use of a knife would not be able to escape prison.

According to Mr. Grayling some four and out five of those convicted of a knife crime are allowed to walk free from court and at least 40% of all such reoffenders are merely given fines, cautions, community service or a suspended sentence.

The underlying issue here is not one of public safety but rather cost; that is Mr. Clegg and many of his MPs feel that such a move would be unaffordable.

Again, it is an accurate assessment but Britain wouldn’t be subjected to the deplorable state of law and order if it hadn’t consistently insisted that we shouldn’t punish criminals and worse prevent parents from adequately punishing their children in order to adequately teach them right from wrong.

By the time the next General Election occurs this Coalition Government would have added a further £700 billion to Britain’s national debt bring it close to £1.4 trillion; yes it’s little wonder why we can no longer afford to punish criminals when the Liberal Democrats would much prefer protecting criminals and pampering to their every whim.

It appears obvious to us that Mr. Clegg isn’t in need of any antidepressants for he’s more than happy to watch Britain wallow in crime; however what would be far more appropriate is a straight-jacket for anyone in Government who has no concerns about public safety has to be mentally imbalanced, a clear and present danger to society and no doubt a danger to himself.

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