Nico Rosberg tells Lewis Hamilton: ‘I consider myself 100% German”

Nico Rosberg tells Lewis Hamilton: ‘I consider myself 100% German”

THE GUARDIAN – Nico Rosberg has described himself as “100% German” following Lewis Hamilton’s latest jibe at his Mercedes team-mate’s upbringing.

After his triumph at the British Grand Prix on Sunday Hamilton was asked how valuable it would be to win Rosberg’s home race in Germany on 20 July.

Responding with a grin, Hamilton said: “To be honest, Nico has never actually been in Germany, so it’s not really his home race.”

Hamilton then recounted a tale of their karting days when Rosberg used to stand by a flag of Monaco, given he was raised in the principality from four months old after being born in Wiesbaden.

In response to Hamilton’s comments, following the first of two days of an in-season test at Silverstone – with his team-mate to take the wheel on Wednesday – Rosberg said: “Anyone can judge however they want.”

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  • Suomenmies

    Nico Rosberg must feel extremely happy after losing ca. 2 500 000 fans. About half of the Finnish people had already declared Nico beign 100 % German.

  • F1-juntti

    I used to support Nico Rosberg for years and for me he was just as much of a Finn than Mika, Kimi or Vale. But not anymore. Lewis Hamilton is great. He likes Finland and respects Finnish drivers.

    • meebal

      Not sure if nationality should come into the equation at all. Support should come from the persons ability; certainly Lewis is very good at what he does. Comes down to what Martin Luther King said…. ‘judge a man not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.’

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