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Nigel Farage Calls for Lifting of Handgun Ban

Nigel Farage Calls for Lifting of Handgun Ban

NIGEL FARAGE CALLS FOR LIFTING OF HANDGUN BAN – UKIP leader Nigel Farage caused more controversy yesterday after insisting that a fresh review of our gun laws needs to be made so that people can once again lawfully own handguns.

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Mr. Farage feels that current legislation that bans the ownership of handguns is ludicrous and points out that even the British Olympic Pistol Team has to go to France in order to practice.

In order to further support his argument he states that gun crime has risen five times since Tony Blair introduced the ban in the wake of the mass shooting at the Dunblane Primary School on March 13, 1996.

For more information on the Dunblane shooting see Wikipedia

For some 17 years we’ve lived without the ability to own handguns and certainly this has been highly restrictive for those who used such weapons for sporting purposes.

Even before the ban, laws on gun ownership were extremely tight and for those permitted to own shotguns today the current licencing laws are exceptionally rigid.

43-year-old Thomas Hamilton on March 13, 1996 walked into Dunblane Primary School with no less than four licenced handguns and set about murdering sixteen children and one teacher before finally turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.

There are no doubt many who would consider his final act as one of simply ridding the world of a murdering psychopath and yet he effectively denied any insight as to why a seemingly ‘normal’ individual could engage in such a heinous crime against the most innocent of our society.

Gun crime has indeed risen since the banning of handguns and the truth is that very rarely was a crime ever committed using a licenced handgun.

The law currently permits some people to own shotguns for the purposes of sport, whether that is for Clay Pigeon Shooting or for Game Shooting.

So why didn’t the Government ban all firearms?  Why only handguns?  Certainly you can own a shotgun and a rifle under the right circumstances?

The issue here is one of ‘concealment’ that is it’s very easy to conceal a handgun for the purposes of crime which cannot be said of the same of shotguns and rifles.

Nigel Farage does point out that he wouldn’t want a U.S style system of gun laws whereby anyone can purchase and own all manner of weapons including high powered assault rifles.

Could Britain reintroduce handgun ownership successfully without a rise in crime and unquestionably a rise in gun related death?

Again for 17 years Britain has managed just fine without handguns being openly sold but surely this recent debate evidently affects a number of people who feel their rights have  been removed due to a single incident and one where Thomas Hamilton could have committed with the right motivation.

The argument is that he could have obtained a gun in the same fashion as criminals do or that he might of used another weapon; maybe a shotgun or rifle which would have then most likely resulted in these being banned.

The ownership of handguns is one that divides the nation and undoubtedly we look across the pond to the U.S.A and continue to be subjected to news where yet another madman has entered a school and took to slaughtering innocent children.

This is not something that the British public want and therefore it is most unlikely that the Government will revoke current Firearms legislation to once again allow the lawful ownership of handguns for sporting purposes anytime soon.

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