Nigel Farage Defends UKIP and its Rise in Popularity

by Editor | May 9, 2014 6:42 am

NIGEL FARGE DEFENDS UKIP AND ITS RISE IN POPULARITY – Surrounded by a diverse group of people, from ethnic and religious minorities, Nigel Farage stands and dares Labour, Tory or the Liberal Democrats to continue with their smear campaigns that UKIP is a party of loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists.

Mr. Farage declares that the UK is being run by a bunch of schoolboys, all spawned from the same privileged backgrounds and where none of them have done an honest day’s work in their lives.

It is a speech and a performance that will resonate with the British public and as the day’s draw ever closer to the EU election it is almost a foregone conclusion that UKIP is about to shake the foundations of British politics to the core.

From our insight it has become increasingly clear that the public have little or no trust in David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Ed Miliband for time and time again each has failed to deliver on any of the promises pledged to the British public nor have they, or will they, provide the British public with their democratic right to decide on the issue of Britain’s EU membership.

We, as a nation, often fear change; we have seen an influx of migrants many of whom appear to live on the backs of the hard working taxpayer, others that continuously commit crime in which we are powerless to address due to EU interference and a growing insurgency of religious ideology that is not only oppressive it is fundamentally violent and one where the mainstream politicians are unwilling to address due to fear of upsetting the sensitivities of religious beliefs and one where violence often follows.

We have said it before… Britain can be a great and diverse nation but if we allow the insidious infiltration of the EU to continue then Britain will lose its sovereign powers, it will lose its identity and eventually it will collapses under the weight of national and EU debt.

It is not clear if UKIP could make the fundamental changes required but what is clear is that neither Labour, Conservative or the Liberal Democrats have the spine or moral fortitude to address the issues that the public are demanding and therefore it can be of no surprise that people are now seriously considering voting UKIP in the hope that fundamental change can be effected.

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