Nigel Farage: Democracy Simply Cannot Exist in the EU

by Editor | July 12, 2014 1:38 am

EXPRESSEU - This is the session in which the 751 newly elected MEPs vote in a secret ballot to approve the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission President, one of the most powerful jobs in the EU.

Not only will the ballot be conducted entirely in secret, but there is also only one candidate for the job. It’s the sort of process that would not be out of place in North Korea.

Ahead of the ballot next week Mr Juncker has been canvassing the various EU Parliamentary groups, formed by ideologically collaborative parties across the EU, in order to encourage a majority vote in his favour.

He met with the ECR Group, of which the Conservatives are members, in a meeting, unsurprisingly, not made public.

He also met with EFDD, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, the group that I lead, to respond to questions we have about his intentions as the likely new Commission President.

With democracy and transparency at the heart of everything we do, we opted to live stream the meeting, although Parliamentary services encountered some initial dubious technical issues with the broadcast.

Juncker is a consummate professional, and unlike many of his predecessors, is also a man of wit who enjoys a drink and a smoke.

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