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Nigerian Father Brutally Murders Son for Being an Evil Child

Nigerian Father Brutally Murders Son for Being an Evil Child

NIGERIAN FATHER BRUTALLY MURDERS HIS SON FOR BEING AN EVIL CHILD – A Nigerian father has been arrested for the brutal murder of his child.

The father, Chris Elvis, 30, is accused of killing his four year old son, Godrich, by beating him to death and in order to stifle his screams he padlocked his mouth shut.

In his defence Mr. Elvis accused the child of being an ‘Ogbanje’ or ‘Evil Child’ and therefore padlocked his mouth shut, burnt him with a hot iron all over his body and then finally locked him in a plastic drum.

Mr. Elvis’s wife was the one to discover the gruesome scene after returning from a shopping trip and then called the police.

Mr. Elvis is currently being held in custody for the murder of his child; the arrest and charge sheet reads:

‘That you, Chris Elvis, on February 10, 2014, about 5pm at 7, Adetola Adelaja street, Meiran Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did unlawfully kill one Godrich Elvis, aged four years by using hot pressing iron to burn him all over his body and putting him inside a plastic drum and locked the drum with padlock and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 221 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.’

Nigerian Father Brutally Murders His Son

During his arrest, officers noted that Mr. Elvis was acting strangely as if he was mentally ill; the police decided this was a ruse to escape punishment and quickly declared him as being ‘normal’.

I for one cannot see how anyone could be perceived as ‘normal’ after carrying out such an act of brutality and even more so when it involves a defenceless child.

It is almost certain that under Nigerian Law Mr. Elvis will be executed for the murder of his son.  The method of execution will ultimately depend on whether Sharia Law is invoked; currently hanging is the usual method but Nigeria does executed people by stoning.

It is unlikely that stoning will be used as this is normally handed down to those who engage in the act of adultery, rape, incest and homosexuality.

Other methods used to execute those sentenced to death include Shooting and even Crucifixion although under Sharia Law this punishment is generally reserved for ‘Hirabah’, armed robbery which results in the death of the person being robbed.

Regardless of the method, most likely to be hanging, it still leaves a nation and the world shocked that any person could take the life of a child in such a horrific manner.

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