Nina Friday An Extraordinary Person

NINA FRIDAY AN EXTRAORDINARY PERSON - It’s only the 11th January, so it’s very early into the New Year, and like many I was hoping that 2013 would bring some optimism and joy back into the world, and today I am extremely pleased to say it has and that for once I am not sitting here writing about yet another UK dole scrounger such as Leanna Broderick.

Today I am going to nominated Nina Friday as’s person of the year – yes I know it’s only just the beginning of the year but it’s not often that you read about someone like Nina, for she is not the ordinary taxpaying UK Citizens, in fact I would go as far as saying that Nina is an extraordinary person.

Why?  Nina, since the age of 16 was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and for those who suffer from this will fully understand the pain that Nina suffers each and every day of her life.

Despite her suffering Nina holds down FIVE jobs and refuses to claim disability benefits from the Government

Despite her suffering Nina holds down FIVE jobs and refuses to claim disability benefits from the Government, although she is clearly entitled to do so.  But not Nina, no, she would rater work five jobs, even though it means she is losing £300 a month, compared to what she would be entitled to on benefits. Now, in my book that makes Nina, one very incredible and extraordinary human being and I feel it is my moral duty to nominate her for’s Person of the Year 2013.

To be very honest, considering I write an awful lot, I am not completely convinced that I will find another person such as Nina Friday, although thanks to Nina, she has just give me and’s readers a stark realisation that there are people out there, even with REAL medical problems, that would rather work than take from other hard working taxpayers – again, even though, through her medical condition she would be welcome and entitled to them.

Nina, you’re a star – you are one in a million and thank you for making my day and showing me that Britain hasn’t all become a nation of scroungers.

For all of you who are cheating on your benefits, or claiming benefits where it is not absolutely necessary then Nina certainly shows you just how lazy you are – you really ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Now for anyone, who may wish to ridicule me for such a statement, here’s some facts:

1.  I work a 16 hour day
2. I work 7 days a week
3. I earn less than £100 a MONTH – is a start up it takes time and hard work
4. I cannot remember the last time I took a day off
5. I DO NOT claim a single penny from the Benefits System

I am like Nina – I believe that despite the hardship at times there lies within a self respect, one that does not involve scrounging off the other hardworking taxpayers.

Way to go Nina you have our vote for being a truly remarkable person and one where you firmly put many UK Citizens scrounging on welfare to shame.

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