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North Korea: Human Rights Atrocities Likened to Nazi Germany

North Korea: Human Rights Atrocities Likened to Nazi Germany

NORTH KOREA: HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES LIKENED TO NAZI GERMANY – Those poor fortunate souls who have managed to escape the totalitarian state of North Korea continue to regale stories of lines full of starving prisoners who are forced to work in labour camps due to even minor infractions of the law.

The human rights atrocities are wide and varied with women forced to abort their babies because they are considered racially impure; other women are forced to drown their children as punishment for their crimes.

Recently the west was subjected to more horrors as yet another defector managed to escape Kim Jong-Un’s oppressive regime and who has related to the press that three generations of one family was condemned to a life of hard labour in a concentrate due to a petty crime committed by just one family member.

According to some reports there are multiple families with entire generations who are currently held in some thirty concentration camps; many die of disease, malnutrition and exhaustion whilst others are openly beaten, tortured and ultimately murdered by their captors.

How petty are some of the crimes these people are accused of?  In one instance a man was sentenced to life with hard labour for having the audacity to mop up a spill with a state newspaper; the page contained a picture of their so-called beloved leader and was deemed an offense of the highest order; that is a lack of respect or should we rather state the truth and call it a lack of fear.

The world has suitable knowledge of the atrocities committed in Nazi Germany during the 1940’s and even today those responsible, regardless to the old age, are continuously hunted down in order to hold them fully accountable for their inhumane treatment and murder of innocent people.

As we move on some 60 years we have seen western nations form coalitions in order to ‘liberate’ people who are suppressed by totalitarian rulers who effectively govern with fear.

Yes, Iraq is just one of those nations and we have seen an unbridled willingness by western Governments to assist the Syrian people in ridding themselves of yet another ruthless dictator.

Ask most people the question as to why George W. Bush and Tony Blair were so keen to invade Iraq and its unlikely any will attribute the war to humanitarian issues but rather the ability for the west to ensure that the oil keeps flowing.

Many may be wondering how effective the United Nations is regarding the prevention of human rights abuses.

This week the United Nations published a report some 374 pages in length that details a contingency to a proportion of the worst human rights atrocities known to man, carried out against the people of North Korea on the orders of Kim Jong-Un; a man that controls a regime that is deemed as the personification of pure evil.

The report has been compiled from first-hand accounts of those who have managed to escape North Korea and details a country that has unparalleled human rights abuses, a place that holds the rest of the civilized world in contempt, one that continues to suppress its people through fear and one that threatens its neighbours and western countries with nuclear war at the slightest provocation.


United Nations: DPR Korea Human Rights Report

Disturbingly, the report details the atrocities of the state concentration camps and a population gradually being exterminated through forced labour, starvation, executions, torture, rape, forced abortion and the despicable act of infanticide.

North Korea, since 1948, has been ruled by the Kim family with their own brand of extreme and hardline communism. It is a totalitarian society where citizens are required to pledge their complete and utter allegiance or face the prospect of being tortured and finally murdered; such often involves not just an individual but up to three generations of an entire family.

In a letter from the United Nations to Kim Jong-Un, it warns him that there will come a time when he and his senior officials will face the International Criminal Court and it’s likely the result will be the death penalty.

The question as to why the west doesn’t intervene has been tabled many times. The skeptics will tell you that it’s because North Korea doesn’t have anything of value; that is they are not an oil rich country, although they do have vast coal reserves.

Another perspective is that any conflict would undoubtedly bring China into the affray; that is China has always maintained the position that if North Korea was invaded they would rally to their aid.

With all the known atrocities it is difficult to comprehend why any nation, including China, would defend such a regime and even willing to bear arms against any would be forces moving against North Korea.

It is a question that remains to elude us and yet whilst China openly supports Kim Jong-Un and his despot regime the human consequences are unequivocally clear in that people will continue to be oppressed, murdered, tortured, rape and subjected a life of complete servitude until the west convinces China that it has a moral obligation to help put an end to Kim Jong-Un’s totalitarian rule.

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