Only Crap Goes Viral on Facebook

Only Crap Goes Viral on Facebook

ONLY CRAP GOES VIRAL ON FACEBOOK – There are in fact many useful photographs, images and messages achieves viral status on Facebook and indeed other social networks such as Twitter.  The issue here is why does so much of what goes viral is simply garbage, crap and of little or no use to anyone?

I recently watched, and wept, a video that was created by a young mother with heart disease.  This idea of the video was to try and find a new heart and the cost of surgery.  Unfortunately, the young mother of two adorable young children passed away shortly after making the video and posting it on YouTube.

This type of message I find not only acceptable but also extremely useful – we do have the ability, through the social networks, to help one another is ways that are totally life changing.

On the other side of the spectrum are messages, such as the recent one posted by a young man, The picture of Petter Kverneng, 20, from Norway.  As you can see from the image below, his goal was to achieve one million Facebook likes in order that his long time female friend would have sex with him.

The picture of Petter Kverneng, 20, from Norway.  As you can see from the image below, his goal was to achieve one million Facebook likes in order that his long time female friend would have sex with him.

Not only do I find this offensive, but it must have been terribly degrading for the young woman, as this is little more than prostitution – agreeing to have sex if he achieves the required number of likes, is little more than a type of payment, in which Facebook users appeared all too willing to support.

With the incessant amount of crap and utter garbage that gets posted on the social networks, is it any wonder why some are now abandoning their accounts?  When you hear about and see the volumes of nonsense being propagated on the web you surely have to stand back and ask what type of civilized society we have become.

The internet and indeed the social networks are capable of delivering so much useful content and the ability to help others.  However, with the amount of time wasting rubbish and the increasing abuse some users are subjected to by ‘Trolls’ is the internet and the social networks any place that a decent human being should be using.

Like a billion other people on the planet I have a Facebook account, however I only ever use it to spread, what I view as, useful information.  I have exactly 48 friends on my account and I never add people that I do not directly know – in other words, friends of friends, are never added unless I have met them.

Of all the information I post on Facebook I have never once had anything go viral and in fact if a particular item received one or two likes I would be pleasantly surprised.  What is astonishing, is the amount of utter crap my friends engage in and how they appear to relish sharing it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I fail to see the significance of how a young man wants to pursue the defiling of his friend and their friendship, as above, in the pursuit of simply getting laid – this is not only degrading to his friend but it is also highly irresponsible for those that shared it on their social networks.

The conclusion is that very little of what is worthy of going viral ever really does but if you do want something to go viral then make it as crap, stupid and degrading as possible and you can guarantee that the sick users of Facebook and the other social networks will happily oblige in sharing your crap.

This is yet another article that I have written in the hope people will see sense and share it.  Will it go viral?  Not a chance.

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  • Cody Gough

    Oh my god, I am SO SICK of people getting on their high horse about things being “degrading to women.” She is sitting next to him. She obviously read the sign. She was in the photo on purpose. For a JOKE. The pair have been REPEATEDLY quoted saying “it was meant as an inside joke for our friends.”

    Sorry, but not EVERY single thing that happens involving any female in any sexual context whatsoever is immediately offensive/degrading to women. Get a sense of humor, one JOKE posted by a teenager is not going to end women’s rights. The whole thing is a stupid joke, and that’s that.

    To me, the entire rest of your article was eclipsed by that hot-button “this is degrading to women” line. And THAT is why your article won’t go viral: because it’s pandering to people who like to scream “LOOK HOW OFFENSIVE THIS IS!” instead of focusing on the overall point. This woman is not prostituting herself or advocating rape or any of the other garbage implied by your line about how it “puts down” women. It’s just a kid doing a stupid inside joke. Focus on how stupid inside jokes shouldn’t go viral and get off the whole feminist shtick when there’s no legitimate reason for it.

    • Stuffiinator

      You made some good points, but I guess you find this type of thing most worthy of going viral. From me, and many others, I feel that this type of activity really needs to be kept privacy. Why people think this type of information is valuable or appealing is beyond me.

      I appreciate that we are all different and have different perceptions and there is no denying that this type of information is popular.

      Thanks for berating me, certainly your comments gave me some amusement, but as you pointed out this ‘stupid joke’ is exactly that – stupid.

      Ah, I do love a good healthy debate :), Thanks Cody.

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  • Mouad

    I totally agree with you. silly teenagers, sick parents. This is what you get.

    • Stuffinator

      Yeah, this type of social activity is just so irresponsible, not just for the couple featured, but also for all the idiots who shared it.

      My feeling here is this will destroy their friendship – a beautiful thing has turned into an ugly and degrading experience for both. Makes you wonder just how sad this young man is if this is the level he is prepared to go to in order to get laid and defile his friend.

      Those on the social networks, of course, think this is worth sharing! Beggars belief!