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PAC Gives Damning Verdict on the Operations of the BBC

PAC Gives Damning Verdict on the Operations of the BBC

PAC GIVES DAMNING VERDICT ON THE OPERATIONS OF THE BBC – According to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report the BBC has a broken leadership and a culture of cronyism.

BBC Public Accounts Committee Hearing

Some months ago a number of BBC executives were hauled in front of the PAC in order to explain how they could justify the exorbitant payoffs of senior management and executives after it came to light that over £369 million was handed out to departing senior staff over an eight year period.

The PAC’s chairman Margaret Hodge, slated BBC executives for their flagrant waste of licence fee payers money and the lies they told in order to cover up greasing the palms of their old school chums.

Yes, once again a publicly funded entity has been tarnished and the public will once again be asking if the once perceived ‘bastion’ of entertainment and news has now been reduced to nothing more than a bunch of public schoolboys all on the take in order to liberally line their own pockets.

I want to draw your attention to the video above; this is Lord Patten’s response to a question posed by one of the PAC members.  Note carefully Lord Patten’s response and you will finally understand why the BBC and indeed Government are in such a state of disrepair.

Throughout the PAC’s hearing I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or just treat the whole circus with indifference.

Oh yes, like many other members of the public I was suitably outraged at the way in which the BBC executives conducted the BBC’s affairs and how they have basically stolen public money.

No other news organisation I know of has accused the BBC executives of stealing; no that could be libelous, but when funds are distributed in a clandestine way then we really ought to call it was it really is… theft; plain and simple.

Lord Patten’s response to questions is now the widely expected response from any Government official; it’s one of disdain for the public, it’s one of feeling above and beyond reproach – no matter how despicable their actions may be.

I referred to the PAC as little more than a circus for if you care to look through the smoke and mirrors you will quickly understand that what went on was little more than a farce.

Look at the members of the PAC; they are of course civil servants and members of parliament. The hearing was nothing more than a way for Government officials to bite back at the unrelenting news of the failings of the Government by the BBC.

In turn Government then decided to do a little digging and came up with the skulduggery that involved the misuse, or rather theft, of public funds.

There appears no mention of the cost to the taxpayer to put on what was little more than a show. Yes of course, the PAC members threatened the BBC executives with the possibility of withdrawing its Royal Charter which effectively allows it to extort money from the public via its licence fee.

Unfortunately that’s never going to happen for the executives at the BBC, including the likes of Lord Patten, have powerful friends in Whitehall and it’s not inconceivable to consider that they were probably all sitting down after the hearings having a good old chuckle over a few brandies from the cellars within Parliament.

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, tangible will come out of the PAC hearings or its finished report for each of them has sufficient dirt on the other to prevent any real justice and therefore the wheels of Government and the BBC will continue to turn unabated at the cost of the long suffering taxpaying / licence fee paying public.

We can now clearly see the indifference from those supposedly in control and it is clear that they are not the slightest bit concerned when it comes to financially raping the public and then subsequently sharing out the funds among themselves in order to fuel their own greed.

Personally if it had been me on the receiving end of Lord Patten’s condescending attitude over public funds I would have stood up and demanded his resignation; right after removing my boot from his self righteous back side.

I get angry when people pee up my back and then have the audacity to tell me it’s raining and I find it wholly offensive that the likes of Lord Patten thinks the taxpaying public are stupid enough to swallow their rhetoric.

What is truly disturbing is that despite the public’s overwhelming sense that the system is broke they continue to do nothing about it and therefore the likes of Lord Patten feel that it’s acceptable to be condescending and flippant about how public money is spent.

Maybe it’s time we become more like our cousins across the Channel, for the French would never tolerate such indifference or indeed theft of their hard earned money.

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