Paedophilia: How Some People Are Defending the Actions of Paedophiles

Paedophilia: How Some People Are Defending the Actions of Paedophiles

PAEDOPHILIA: HOW SOME PEOPLE ARE DEFENDING THE ACTIONS OF PAEDOPHILES – On the tails of the Craig Sweeney hearings and the Jimmy Savile scandal,  controversy and public outcry can be heard around the globe.  Here in the US,  an article from the UK Guardian, “Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light “,  was brought to my attention.

The article attempts to rationally present the argument that says paedophilia is not an illness or a lifestyle choice, but rather a sexual orientation.   It continues this thought with the argument that sex with children is fine, it doesn’t hurt them and they like it. When they are talking about children, they are saying babies, toddlers, pre-school, elementary children, pre-teens, and teenagers up to the age of consent, which in the UK is 16 in England,Wales and Scotland  and 17 in Northern Ireland.

They argue that as long as it is consensual it is not rape and that paedophilia needs in fact to be separated from rape and the violent images it represents.  The article goes one step further and suggests that sex with children is “natural.”  Natural?  What sick, perverted person could begin to line themselves with this type of thinking?  Forgive me for being blunt, but truly no rational person can think this is normal and does no harm.

Now, I don’t go around asking people about their sex lives and try to not wrinkle my nose when I hear something I disagree with, but this crosses a line that should never be crossed.  If nothing else, sex complicates our lives.  Even as adults, many men and women are confused about their sexual relationships.  Why would we even consider the thought that children could handle this?  This idea devalues any child and makes them a target for degenerates who will not control their lusts.

What will this do to your criminal justice system?  Imagine heinous crimes like incest, molestation, and sexual impropriety no longer punishable.  According to the BBC, sex offenders currently sentenced to 30 months or more are required to register with the police for life.  I suppose if this influences the law, there will be fewer prisoners, and more police with time on their hands.

But what of the consequences?  There will be no place your child will be safe.  If it is a lifestyle choice, there will be no jobs off limits.  Jobs in daycares, schools, coaching, and many others that would give paedophiles free access to untold numbers of children.   There would be no restrictions on where they live, and most important, you won’t know who they are.  Information is currently available through an online site, Kidshield, and they indicate that there are 27 missing registered offenders from Scotland’s program.  Where are they and what is being done to find them?


Here is my solution:

When it comes to criminal justice, there are two distinct approaches:  Punitive and Rehabilitation.  Punitive takes the position, “an eye for an eye” while rehabilitation works with the idea that “people can and will change if given the proper help.”  How could this be applied to paedophiles?  First, I would hold to the 1997 Sex Offenders Act which clearly defines paedophilia as any sexual relationship between and a person over 18 and a minor under 16.

Using that as my guideline, why not try a two-fold conviction system that on the first offense, unless it results in death, the offender serves a two year sentence with mandatory counseling, community labor and sex education classes.  Allow the offender to have input and make an informed choice about the type of counseling.

After all, if they truly want to change they should be part of the decision.  This would alleviate any criticism of the legal system for justifying a certain treatment and any backlash should the offender fall back into the system.  Upon fulfilling the sentence, the offender is then registered for an additional period of two years with mandatory monthly check-ins, after which they are released from the system.

Any subsequent offense would then take the punitive approach.  I propose a life sentence that would include being exiled to a prison built only for paedophiles.  There would be the minimum conveniences.  Single cells to minimize fights and violations against one another, assigned jobs within the prison, such as laundry, gardening, kitchen duty and so, no higher education classes or expensive gyms available for use, and rigid visitation guidelines.  Lock them up, keep them controlled and treat them like the animals they have proven themselves to be.

A sexual offense of any kind is a violation of the mind, body and spirit.  Ask any psychologist, counselor or sexual deviant and they will tell you themselves that there is no cure for the repeat offender.  There will always be those bleeding hearts who spout ludicrous statements consisting of the possible effect from environmental influences, behaviour issues and mental incapacity’s.

These do not hold water as has been seen by the number of repeat offenders.  Oh sure, some offenders may appear to be living without acting on their desires but it is only thru sheer will and knowing that someone is keeping them accountable.  It doesn’t last..check the court records for yourself.  From the moment they first acted on their lust there was a break in the psyche that can never be repaired.  Never!

The saddest part of this whole article is that if this does become mainstream opinion, what is being declared is that paedophilia is a victimless crime, and nothing could be further from the truth.  I have known many men and women who were abused as children by family, trusted adults and by strangers.

It seems to make no difference who the perpetrator was, the effect on the child is the same.  They are changed forever, their outlook on life, themselves and any relationship is tainted by the experience.  Counseling seeks to heal the wounds of the mind, but there is nothing available to science that can heal the heart.

Although the idea of paedophilia as a sexual orientation is not new, this resurgence of the notion from Canada is sending shock waves thru other countries.   Let’s not be swayed or silent and allow this to become an accepted thought.  Our children will pay the consequence if we do not make a stand.

“Protecting children from any sort of abuse is a duty of every citizen.”

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  • dawnemum

    I didn,t read the Guardians report, but there really are so many different types of offenders, that classing all as paedophiles is a bit extreme. Some sex offenders commit the crime only once, whereas a paedophile makes it their life long ambition to score points. Abusers are most definately abusers, but catagorisation is there.