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Pakistan Court Sentences British Citizen to Death for Blasphemy

Pakistan Court Sentences British Citizen to Death for Blasphemy

PAKISTAN COURT SENTENCES BRITISH CITIZEN TO DEATH FOR BLASPHEMY – Muhammand Asghar a British citizen from Edinburgh suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and who was recently sectioned under the Mental Health Act has been sentence to death in Pakistan for blasphemy after claiming to be a prophet.

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Any sane and right minded person is going to find this latest event of religious extremism as not only offensive but incredulous.

It is almost impossible to comprehend in this day and age how anyone can justify religion or indeed anything based on almost zero facts from a book written by men who simply wanted a way to control the masses.

Yes, the book is that of the Bible or Koran or indeed any other religious text for these were written with the explicit intent to keep people fearful and under full control.

Religion, by and large, is inherently evil and should be banned for clearly those of the cloth, whether they are the Islamic Scholars or the Pope, simply use ancient text in order to create false laws that often condemn a person to death on a whim of what is nothing short of insanity.

The public are calling on the British Government to intervene and indeed they should for Muhammand Asghar, regardless of his heritage is in fact British and clinically insane.

It is interesting to note the views of the lawyers who state a number of disturbing facts such as being barred from the court room, unable to present evidence of Muhammand Asghar insanity and even asking the press not to name their law firm for fear of Islamic extremist reprisals.

One can only shake one’s head in disbelief and acknowledge that there is a growing number of Muslim nut-jobs in Britain who remain committed to the cause of introducing Sharia Law in Britain and through the use of violence if necessary.

Yes, that sounds like a wonderful religion to be a part of and one that purports to promote peace; if that isn’t detachment from reality and complete and utter delusional concept then I’m not sure what would qualify as such.

People discussing this particular issue are asking what can be done.  The answer is very little for those indoctrinated by the Islamic faith have no room to question their faith and the idea of breaking away would simply end up with charges of apostasy in which the death penalty applies.

So what can be done?  The answer in this particular instance is crystal clear for Muhammand Asghar is a British citizen and therefore any Islamic court putting to death a British citizen for what is clearly religious insanity should be viewed as an act of war – pure and simple.

Of course a more peaceful solution could be obtained by simply cutting off foreign aid; yes, if the Pakistani authorities felt that this was a real threat it’s more than likely that they’ll simply put Muhammand Asghar on a plane back home.

It really is about time society put aside the ridiculous notions of religion and especially one that asserts the death penalty for what is clearly nothing short of utter stupidity with the connotations of making its followers fearful and dependent upon the Islamic religious regime.

Every person should have the right to their faith but no faith should ever be permitted to dictate laws.

It’s about time the British Government stepped in and gave Pakistan an ultimatum; release Muhammand Asghar or we’ll cut off foreign aid and systematically deport every Pakistani national, whether they hold a British passport or not.

It is time we took a firm and tough stance on these religious and dangerous zealots and stopped people being abused through religious rhetoric and often violence resulting in the loss of life.

We continuously bang the drum of humanitarianism and yet we continue to ignore the real issue of barbaric religious practices so as not to offend the Muslim extremists.

It is clear that in order to move forward, religion must be put aside in all matters concerning law and that no religious text should ever be used to dictate what is right and wrong within society.

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