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Panorama Investigation Exposes Comic Relief Dirty Dealings

Panorama Investigation Exposes Comic Relief Dirty Dealings

PANORAMA INVESTIGATION EXPOSES COMIC RELIEF DIRTY DEALINGS – The integrity of Comic Relief is being bought into question as a BBC Panorama investigation exposes its investments in arms, alcohol, tobacco and refuses to reveal how the £100 million it currently has is spent.

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The British, by tradition and moral values, are one of the world’s most giving people; if we see others suffering it appears no matter how strapped for cash we are we’ll happily put our hands in our pockets and give – it is one of the few traits that allows us to hold our heads high and is without question extremely admirable.

Comic Relief - Red Nose Day - Image 3 Comic Relief - Red Nose Day - Image 2

Image: Big TV stars such as Johnathan Ross and Dawn French help promote Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day

It is unquestionable that the British public have for years placed their faith in Comic Relief; after all it gets massive support from the BBC and a plethora of TV personalities, all with the remit of helping those less fortunate.

The mantra of Comic Relief is that ‘every penny’ donated by the public is handed over to good causes, however the Panorama investigation paints an entirely different picture.

According to the Panorama investigation, Comic Relief needs to invest vast sums of donated money just to keep afloat; last year alone the cost of operating Comic Relief hit a staggering £17 million annually mostly due to inflated salaries, which have risen twofold in just four years.

The Panorama investigation is due to be aired by the BBC tonight but was in fact ready some two months ago.  However, bosses at the BBC felt it might not be appropriate to air such an investigation as it would undoubtedly offend bosses at Comic Relief.

The Panorama investigation titled, ‘All in a Good Cause’ is scheduled to air at 10.35 pm in which it also claims that Save the Children took measures to silence critics of the energy industry due to the close ties it has with the likes of Centrica (British Gas) and EDF.

In another part of the investigative documentary, Panorama also alleges that Amnesty lied to the public after paying off two former bosses to the tune of £800,000 a piece.

It is nothing short of deplorable but Comic Relief is certainly not the first charitable organisation to be hauled over the coals for dirty dealings at boardroom level.

Whilst the austerity strapped working families appear happy to help where they can, it may come as little surprise that the ‘fat cats’ at the top of the tree are taking the cream.

Comic Relief’s chief executive Kevin Cahill is current earning approximately £131,000 a year, that’s a £20,000 increase since 2008 and there are five other directors earning in excess of £80,000.

Comic Relief - Red Nose Day - Image 1

With this latest revelation, we at wonder how many TV personalities this year will be able to justify standing in front of a TV camera asking the poor to hand over vast sums of money with the pretense that we are helping those far worse off than ourselves.

One of the Daily Mail’s journalists, Ian Birell (see Daily Mail link above) is now calling for the BBC to ditch Comic Relief, as not only is the Panorama investigation damning- it shows that the British people are being made fools of; continuing to air Red Nose Day may well cause further damage to the BBC’s already very tarnished reputation.

The Panorama investigation will certainly cast doubt in the minds of the British public as to whether providing donations to the likes of Comic Relief is such a good idea; for such charities appear to have moved away from the ideology of helping those who really need the cash and moved into the usual corporate ethos of ensuring that the ‘fat cats’ get fatter; and if that requires unethical booking or investing then so be it.

It is frankly deplorable but the reality is that if Comic Relief was to be shut down, the only people who would feel the pinch are the incompetent and greedy executives running the operation.

It is at times like this that the British might lose hope and become despondent about giving, however we must remember that there are charities out there run by people with high levels of moral fortitude and who work tirelessly to ensure that your donations do reach the very people it was intended for – it’s just a shame that Comic Relief no longer appears to be one of them.

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