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Passionate Plea to STOP NekNominate

Passionate Plea to STOP NekNominate

PASSIONATE PLEA TO STOP NEKNOMINATE – I’ve witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of alcohol abuse when my younger sister became an alcoholic.

The result was a change from a once witting, funny and lovable person into what can only be described as an erratic, paranoid and almost demonic personality.

Despite family help she was committed to a mental institution and now survives on a cocktail of drugs that prevents her from slipping into depression and back into the bottle.

Often family members feel deep resentment, not of the person, but rather themselves for not being able to help; trust me when I say it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion and yet you are bound and gagged to prevent offering help.

Over the last week I’ve written a couple of articles on the internet craze NekNominate and my view remains the same… it is an irresponsible act of stupidity of the highest order which leaves me to suspect that those engaging in NekNominate have very little self-esteem, are easily led by others and who are ultimately seeking attention.

NekNominate - Online Social Drinking Game

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) states that a person in their twenties is killed each and every month through alcoholic poisoning and in 2012 alone 8,367 people died; this figure was broken down into some 396 people dying as a result of accidental alcohol poisoning, leading experts to believe that the craze of NekNominate would significantly increase this figure.

According to some experts the dangerous internet craze of NekNominate will likely fuel an unprecedented rise in the number of deaths and that alcohol abuse has now become one of societies most serious and worsening public health issues.

NekNominate has already claimed three lives in the UK alone; the latest being 20 year old Bradley Eames who drank two pints of gin (equivalent to 30 shots) in just minutes.

Despite surviving initially, Bradley died some four days later.  The original autopsy was not conclusive as to the cause of death and further tests are being undertaken.

Earlier victims to the craze of NekNominate include 29 year old Stephen Brooks and 20 year old Isaac Richardson; both victims died of alcohol poisoning after taking up a challenge by other NekNominate participants.

Ross Samson, 26, a former professional rugby player now living in Dubai, is accredited for starting NekNominate and yesterday he came out to say that it has now gone too far and never intended others to take it to such extremes.


NekNominate Creator Declares Craze Should End

NekNominate Claims a Third Life in Britain

Others have also come out to state that Ross wasn’t in fact the person who coined the phrase NekNominate and that his video of necking a bottle of beer wasn’t the first to appear on YouTube.

The only thing we can say to anyone thinking about participating in NekNominate is to STOP, if only for a minute and consider what you are about to do could end your life.

Think about your friends and family and put yourself in their shoes; for the loss of your life will raise questions without answers – you will be basically condemning them to a life of wondering if they failed you and whether they could have done more to prevent the loss of your life.

Once you give this some serious consideration you’ll quickly realise that your life is far more important rather than simply trying to compete with people who are clearly detached from reality.

Let’s put an end to NekNominate.

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