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Pat Condell Celebrating Diversity

Pat Condell Celebrating Diversity

PAT CONDELL CELEBRATING DIVERSITY – We certainly do have cultural diversity in the western hemisphere but the question remains … should we be celebrating diversity?

In the UK we unquestionably have a multicultural society but it’s far from being the utopia or rather the cohesive society that the liberals so badly wanted to create.

So what’s wrong with the liberal ideology that we can all live together; surely we have advanced to a stage of evolution where we are able to put aside of differences, often petty at that, and create the utopia that the liberals blindly insist exists.

Listening to Pat Condell he makes some extremely valid points but none more so when he hits on the note of cultural diversity with the element of religion.

Religion is unquestionably the most destructive force known to mankind or person/humankind if you are hell bent on being politically correct.

It would be easy to point the finger at the Islamic extremists; after all Britain provides them with sanctuary, and welfare, whilst they attempt to indoctrinate us into accepting the Islamic religion and indeed Sharia law.

Unfortunately the Islamic extremists have no intention to take the route of peaceful indoctrination but rather by force and this often involves acts of terrorism that is, according to their interpretation of Islam, a righteous and just method of converting the infidels.

Of course it’s not just the Islamic extremists who use fear; the Catholic Church over the centuries have also interpreted the words of the Bible for their own political gain and indeed have resorted to violence throughout the centuries in order to force people into religion and accepting the notion of a higher power.

It is interesting to listen to Pat Condell for again he has some extremely valid points; the issue covered with the number of Chinese living in Britain for example is perfectly correct, they don’t really integrate per se but they don’t attempt to change British culture either and this is due to the lack of any religious indoctrination.

Celebrating diversity is indeed possible along with creating the liberal dream of a multicultural cohesive society but that would require the banning of all forms of religion.

Regardless of whether you think God, Allah, Buddha or indeed any other deity rules over mankind the simple fact is such has never been proven.  I certainly can attest that in times of grief and woe I’ve called upon the higher power and been subsequently ignored; the conclusion being that he, she or it, either doesn’t care about my trials and tribulations or he, she or it simply doesn’t exist.

Regardless of all the spiritual leaders in their fancy robes and adornments of religious paraphernalia not one throughout the centuries has ever provided concrete evidence that a higher power indeed exists.

It doesn’t matter which of the fictional religious books you happen to pick up they are all pretty much the same in that some chap walked the earth bringing love and peace to all mankind and that his father resided in the clouds above watch over our every move.

Of course all the books of religion were written by man in order to control man; that is put the fear of God into them and when they don’t comply murder them in the name of said deity.

Again it is more than possible to create a rich cultural diversity within any country and live in peace with one another but only if we come to our senses to abandon all notions of religion; let’s be honest how many adults believe in the tooth fairy?

Finally, for any of those reading this who feel that I have offended their religious beliefs I offer this … by all means telephone Allah, God or whatever you purport he, she or it to be and I’ll be more than accommodating to engage in a one-to-one televised interview for I would certainly be interested in hearing how such a deity can allow the continuous slaughter of millions of innocent people in his, her or its name.

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