Pat Condell: Sweden Gone Insane

In this video Pat Condell addresses the issues of human rights and press freedom in Sweden regarding its growing multicultural community and the rise of Islam that turned Sweden from a safe and compassionate country to one where freedom of expression and open media are being oppressed for the sake of community cohesion.

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  • Ann Layzell

    Swedes ministers HAVE gone insane, a beautiful country being raped by a satanic hord, I can’t believe the Swede could be so STUPID

    • meebal

      The call it tolerance… madness is more like it. How can you be tolerant of rapists and murderers?

      • Ann Layzell

        Tolerant! I would call it over indulgence to a evil satanic,hoard of uneducated inbred idiots don’t give way to a child’s demands, so why give way to these imbecilic ,demanding idiots, they are a complete waste of space