Pat Condell: The Dangers of EU Membership

by Editor | May 3, 2014 1:46 am

PAT CONDELL: THE DANGERS OF EU MEMBERSHIP – Love or loathe Pat Condell there can be no denying that he is a pure advocate of free speech and democracy.

In this video Pat talks again about Britain’s EU membership; indeed his views cover that of all EU members and takes a critical look at how those in the European Parliament have but the one remit of stripping away national identity in order to pursue its ultimate goal of a totalitarian super state that is answerable to no one.

As Pat points out, we clearly have a choice at this present time but unquestionably the longer we leave it, the longer the EU despots are permitted to make laws that bind us and consequently the more of our independence, identity and sovereignty will be lost.

The question is do the British public and the citizens of other EU member states truly want to be governed by dictators, ones that are truly unaccountable and ones that will ultimately deny them their democratic rights?

Considering the currently climate of public opinion and the ever growing support for UKIP it does appear that the British as least would like to see Britain relinquish its EU membership and then simply sit down at the negotiating table to thrash out trade deals.

In our view Britain only needs a trading partner; not a consortium of failed politicians who crave control over the entire European continent.

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