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Patricia Hewitt Finally Apologises for NCCL Decision to Support PIE

Patricia Hewitt Finally Apologises for NCCL Decision to Support PIE

PATRICIA HEWITT FINALLY APOLOGISES FOR NCCL DECISION TO SUPPORT PIE – Former Health Secretary and former boss of the NCCL Patricia Hewitt finally provides the public with an apology for allowing the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) to support the Paedophile Information Exchange group (PIE).

Patricia Hewitt NCCL

In what can be said as an open and frank statement to the Daily Mail, Patricia Hewitt stated; “As General Secretary then, I take responsibility for the mistakes we made. I got it wrong on PIE and I apologise for having done so.”

It certainly took a while for one of the trio to finally come out and apologize, which in effect is all that the Daily Mail in its campaign to get at the truth really wanted for the public.

We all make mistakes, it’s in our very nature to do so but we should, especially when in a position of high office that is supported by the public purse, at least have the common decency to say when we were wrong and provide an adequate apology.

It is incredulous to think that any Government funded organisation would attempt to condone and indeed change the law so that it becomes legal to engage in sexual activities with a child; such would simply confirm that society has degraded beyond the point of no return.

Ms. Hewitt went on to say that the NCCL was naive and wrong to allow the NCCL to be affiliated with PIE.

It was the remit of PIE to effectively campaign for a change in the law so that it’s members, people like Tom O’Carroll a convicted paedophile and traitor, could openly engage in sexual activities with children; it was their intention to reduced the age of consent to as young as four.


Daily Mail Uncovers More Disturbing Links Between the NCCL and PIE

Earlier this week, Harriet Harman the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and the NCCL’s former legal officer, was interviewed by the BBC for her role in the NCCL providing PIE with an affiliation and public funding; it was hoped that Harriet Harman would finally publicly apologise and yet she remained adamant that the situation warranted no such apology.

During the interview Ms. Harman insisted there was nothing to apologise for and furthermore stated that this was merely an attempt by the Daily Mail to engage in a ‘politically motivated smear campaign’.

There can be no question that Ms. Hewitt’s now very public apology will damage Ms. Harman’s credibility even further and with Ed Miliband continuing to support Ms. Harman it’s likely that the rating for public support of the Labour Party will plummet; let’s be honest, which decent human being would vote for a party where it’s members assisted a group of paedophiles?

There is no denying the facts, even if Ms. Harman insists on doing so and the letter from PIE to Ms. Hewitt clearly shows the level of support the NCCL was giving PIE

PIE Letter to Patricia Hewitt

Berate Ms. Hewitt if you must but whilst her apology has been given under duress from the pressure of the Daily Mail’s campaign she did at least finally have the decency to state that she was naive and wrong and there is not a single person I know of that hasn’t made a mistake that they greatly regret.

Why did Ms. Hewitt take so long in coming forward and apologising?  According to Ms. Hewitt she was away for the past 12 days and that now has been the only real opportunity she has had to apologise.

Yes we could be cynical and consider whether she too, as with Harriet Harman, would take sufficient time in order to apply a liberal coating of whitewash, however wisely Ms. Hewitt decided the only decent thing to do was to declare her naivety  and publicly apologise.

The only thing the public can do now is sit and wait for Ms. Harman to come to her senses and issue a similar apology; I for one am extremely surprised that Ed Miliband hasn’t yet ordered such for this will continue to damage the credibility of the Labour Party as long as she remains indignant to public sentiment.

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