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Pensioner 66 Viciously Attacked by Teenage Gang

Pensioner 66 Viciously Attacked by Teenage Gang

PENSIONER 66 VICIOULSY ATTACKED BY TEENAGE GANG – Four thugs beat a 66 year old pensioner after alighting from a bus after they taunted him for having no ears.  In the disturbing video above the thugs can be seen laughing as they leave the pensioner on the floor.

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Before we get into this do you recognise any of the thugs below?  If you do contact the Stockport, Greater Manchester Police.

Thugs Beat Pension - Perpetrator 4 Thugs Beat Pension - Perpetrator 3

Thugs Beat Pension - Perpetrator 2 Thugs Beat Pension - Perpetrator 1

Bring back public flogging.  Yes, I know any liberal reading that sentence will be horrified as to how anyone could suggest such a barbaric notion.

Of course a liberal will do and say anything to protect the criminal element, for they-the criminals- are always viewed as the victims of an uncaring society who have been afford little if any real opportunity.

The reality is that liberals, especially those of the ‘progressive’ persuasion have taken to changing the way justice works, which is why Britain has so much lawlessness and why thugs such as those featured feel it is appropriate, even acceptable, to beat a defenseless person.

Such is the state of justice that our judges are no longer able to punish criminals. On the rare occasions criminals are imprisoned, it then takes on the form of ‘rehabilitation’ as opposed to ‘punishment’.

The answer… hunt these thugs down, take them to a public town square, tie them to a pole and publicly flog them.  Forever more those sentenced to such a punishment will bear the scars of their actions and any member of the public seeing such will know who and more importantly what they are.

For those liberals reading this… spare a moment for the pensioner if you possibly can.  Here was an elderly gentleman who was taunted for having no ears.  He is partially deaf and clearly unable to defend himself… are you now proud of your liberal convictions or have you finally come to your senses and learned that punishment needs and must be executed in order to send a clear and definitive message in that no longer will the public walk the streets in fear for their will be swift and decisive justice.

If you feel that Britain needs to bring back public flogging, as well as the death penalty, then have your say.  Your voice counts and we can only bring about change in a democratic society if the majority make it so.

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Pensioner 66 Viciously Attacked