Petrol Head Mania: The World of Concept Cars

by Editor | May 15, 2014 1:19 am

PETROL HEAD MANIA: THE WORLD OF CONCEPT CARS – We often take the cars we drive for granted.  That is manufacturers develop a new car and then sell it to us but rarely do we consider the origins of the new models being offered.

Certainly at the time of purchase most people are really excited about their new car and indeed the manufacturers new model but that new car at one point started out as a multi-million dollar concept car and from it created and continues to create the new models that are rolled out year after year.

The video below will have all petrol heads, a term coined for motoring enthusiasts, drooling and wondering these will ever hit the showroom or will they simply be used in part to produce the next model that is rolled out.

Enjoy the show.

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