Phuket Governor Demands YouTube Removes Derogatory Video

PHUKET GOVERNOR DEMANDS YOUTUBE REMOVES DEROGATORY VIDEO – When I saw the video, and the news surrounding it, I wanted to write immediately, but it’s impossible to write something when you are rolling around on the floor laughing.

For those of you who are unaware where Phuket is or why all the concern, let me enlighten you.  Phuket is an island in Thailand.  Thailand is well known as the Sex Capital of Asia.  Basically if you want to get laid and get laid on the cheap then Thailand is just the place you need to visit.

The Thais and more the Thai Government like to put a different spin on things.  According to them, there is no prostitution in Thailand as it is illegal – well so is corruption but Thailand is also one of the most corruption nations on earth.  According to the government officials the girls working in bars are not prostitutes but rather entertainment hostesses; well I guess that’s one way of sugar coating the fact that most Thai girls will readily laid on their bad and service anyone for US$30.

So, on with the video, which is a parody of a commercial for the Rosetta Stone foreign learning programme.  The spoof video was produced by a popular American late-night television show, which depicts Westerners learning to speak a number of languages, including Spanish and Thai.

However, when it comes to the learning of the Thai language the makers have put a spin on it to help foreign men get laid in Thailand by learning phrases such as; “How Much?”, “Is that for the whole night?” and a few others.  The video is hilarious and clearly shows anyone exactly what Thailand is like.

Of course the powers that be, don’t like it.  Well that’s nothing surprising with the Thais nationalist sense of superiority and the fact that they sincerely believe that they can cover anything up and that foreigners actually believe that Thailand is the ‘Land of Smiles’ and not the ‘Land of Scams’ as most foreigners see it.

As for the Governor of Phuket, well he’s as ignorant as those Governors gone before.  It was only a couple of months ago that the Dutch Ambassador showed him how to use an iPad and also showed him that the Krabi Rape Video had been viewed over 500,000 times.  The exercise here was to educate the Governor to how information spreads on the internet and that the Thais can no longer get away with sweeping rape, murder, extortion, scams and rip-offs under the carpet and hope the world does not see it.

The Governor of Phuket has, apparently, spoken to the US Ambassador and demanded that this derogatory video is taken down from YouTube as it is tarnishes the image of Thailand.  Unfortunately what the Governor fails to see is that Thailand image was placed firmly in the toilet bowl years ago due, not to prostitution, but rather all the scams and violence, even murder, leveled against foreigner tourist, which is why tourism is also in the crapper – although according to the Thai Government tourism is booming.

Will YouTube take the video off its system?  I hope not for the sake of transparency and it’s not like the Thais could issue a writ for libel as what is depicted is perfectly true.

As far as I am concerned if the Thais find it so offensive then why let it happen.  They have strict morality laws, but these, like pretty much any other law in Thailand, can be broken if you have enough money to cover the police and judge bribery fee.

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