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Who Are the Piano Guys?

Who Are the Piano Guys?

WHO ARE THE PIANO GUYS? – I was browsing through YouTube looking for something interesting to feed my mind and occupy my time when I came across the music video for “Let It Go,” one of the songs featured in the Disney movie Frozen and an adaptation from Vivaldi’s Winter.

Having not seen the movie, I clicked on it anyway mainly because Disney tends to have exceptional musical scores and talent associated with its movies and this video did not disappoint.

This was my introduction to the Piano Guys and if you are not familiar with them they are Jon Schmidt on piano and Steven Sharp Nelson on both acoustic and electric bass.  Combined with the fella who started it all, piano shop owner Paul Anderson who now does the videography and producing, along with Al Van Der Beek, the music producer, they collaborate on writing their own adaptations and scour their imagination for magnificent scenery to bring the music to life.

It was in 2012 that the group was signed on by Sony and saw a worldwide release of their first three albums, all of which have reached number one on the Billboard New Age Albums and Classical Albums charts.

If you play an instrument, even the kazoo, there is no denying that these gentlemen are gifted with a rare talent few possess.  To make playing appear so effortless and show that they enjoy every moment of it, is simply amazing.  Their adaptations of classical music breathes new life into music that most people would not ordinarily listen to.

I have always been thankful that many of the Disney movies, cartoons and even some Hollywood films make use of classical music, for to me classical music is our roots.  It is entrenched with history, created by musical masters who were often not appreciated in their day and when I see a child humming a work by Beethoven that they heard in a cartoon, I giggle thinking it is like slipping shredded carrot or chopped apples into the brownie mix or making a game out of cleaning their room.

We should all make a habit of stretching our thinking, expanding our minds and exploring new places and foods.  Life becomes stagnant and boring too fast; it is important to shake things up a bit now and then and for me, music makes that possible.

Music can be fun, thought provoking and moves us emotionally.  When it is done well, as it is with this group we find ourselves yearning for more and The Piano Guys have lots to give.  Browsing through their videos they have music for every age group and several with playful themes; check out Cello Wars a Star Wars parody, for one.

With countless videos on YouTube, music available on CD or downloaded from your favorite online site there is sure to be several selections that would suit you and no reason their music cannot be enjoyed everywhere you are.

If you don’t have time right now to browse through all their titles, I leave you with one more composition from The Lord of the Rings, their most requested musical video which they have dedicated to their subscribers; who today number in the millions.  Enjoy!

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