Piers Morgan and Alex Jones Gun Law Interview

PIERS MORGAN AND ALEX JONES GUN LAW INTERVIEW - I am very rarely shocked by what I see or hear. I’ve been around long enough to know that we are all very different and we all have differing opinions and views on almost any subject you care to mention, but a recent interview by Piers Morgan, with Alex Jones as his guest over Gun Law and Gun Control in the United States was the most appalling spectacle I have ever seen.

Alex Jones, for those of you who don’t know is the man leading the petition to have Piers Morgan deported for his views on the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms.

Firstly, you need to watch the video above to fully appreciate why I was so appalled.

At this point I am going to assume you have watched the video in full.  I have to say that what Paul Jones said, and did, was not only appalling but it’s a good job that the likes of Paul Jones views and actions is NOT a large representative of the American population – in fact I have a number of American friends and when we view this video together they firstly apologized to me, as I’m British, but also made it perfectly clear that Paul Jones does not really represent the nations, as a whole, view on Gun Laws or Gun Control.

For those without American friends this type of behavior will only fuel their belief that Americans are a nation of bloated self importance, who still believes they can rule the world and stave off any possible invasion from a foreign power just because they are armed to the teeth.

What really disturbs me is that the fact that Paul Jones actually has a large following, both through his website and radio shows.  In fact the readership and the listeners to his radio station have a reported combined following of several million U.S Citizens.

If his attitude, not just towards the United Kingdom, but to everyone else that disagrees with him, is indicative of his behavior on this video, was anywhere near the truth of the feelings of the majority of the U.S public then the United States would end up segregated from the rest of the world.

The trouble with his attitude, especially when he challenged Piers to a Boxing match and continuously brought up 1776 and the ‘Red Coats’ is quite frankly misguided, appalling and certainly shows people around the world just how ignorant and small minded some Americans can be.

We cannot however, tar everyone with the same brush and again I’ll point out that all my American friends could not believe how bad this made the Americans look.  As one said; Piers should of asked Paul Jones how many wars have the Americans fought and won since 1776 – that would be none.

The truth is for all the Guns the Americans own it has not solved any of their problems or won any conflicts.  The streets are not safer, the schools are not safer, neither is their law enforcement officers or any other organisation or private individual.

Violence begets violence and with anyone owning a gun, this only fuels the need for criminals to own guns.  As Pier rightly pointed out, there were just 35 gun murders in the United Kingdom in 2012 compared to over 11,000 in the United State.  Yes, the United States does have a population some six times that of the United Kingdom but even on this equation the statistics are staggeringly high when compared.

To a degree I can understand where Paul Jones is coming from – he basically doesn’t like the fact that a foreigner is getting involved in U.S policies and he does have a point.  How would a British national take it if some American started spouting off about doing away with our Monarchy?

Yes, the truth is we would take offense and tell the Americans to keep their snouts out of our business and so therefore maybe Piers should make a public apology and promise to no longer get involved with how the Americans seem fit to live their lives.

As with anything the Ying and the Yang should be debated and on that note why shouldn’t Piers Morgan, or anyone, regardless of their nationality have the right to voice their opinion.  We in the West have always advocated Freedom of Speech and therefore should we not simply respect that Piers Morgan has the right to express himself; regardless of the topic and regardless of the nation on which the topic is being debated.

As humans we will always beg to differ and it is this very trait that allows us, as a civilized society, to appreciate others points of views and traditions.  I sincerely believe that we should all take a step back and realise that we should not be willing to criticize each other if we cannot take criticism in return and we should at least respect the fact that we are all different.  In my view I feel that if the Americans want to continue owning guns and living with the consequent such as Sandy Hook, then that should be the decision of the American people and not that of a foreign national.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/donna.wozny.7 Donna Wozny

    you can’t really call this an interview, more like a one-man shouting match! Mr Jones coudn’t stay on point or address the questions with any real answers. shame really, since he had an opportunity to address the issue.