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Plans for Muslim ONLY Cemetery Cause Outrage

Plans for Muslim ONLY Cemetery Cause Outrage

PLANS FOR MUSLIM ONLY CEMETERY CAUSE OUTRAGE Planning permission has been sought for a Muslim only cemetery in the tiny village of Catherine-de-Barnes, near Solihull, West Midlands.

The plans require for 4,000 burial plots plus parking for 75 cars; all this in a village with a total number of residents of just 613. Residents are reported as to be calling for planning permission to be denied.

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Considering the growing population, burials should be a thing of the past. We are running out of room and a cemetery is not only impractical it is a waste of space.

It’s obvious that this situation could become yet another ‘racist’ issue if the council denies planning permission as the Muslims are demanding a burial site that is in accordance with Sharia law and one that does not permit the burial of any non-Muslim.

Once again it appears that a number of Muslims refuse to accept British culture, religion and indeed our own laws.

The very notion of seeking planning permission in order to provide a ‘legal’ burial should be denied; for Sharia law has no validity in Britain, we are neither a Muslim state nor an Islamic country and once again I would suspect many would be happy to point the way to the nearest airport if the Muslims are not happy.

With all the talk of multicultural cohesion you might think that the ethnic groups would try harder to integrate with British culture and its laws.  However, the further we allow the ideology of the liberal progressives the more people feel that British culture and even its laws are being set aside in order to subvert any connotations of racism.

We’ve all seen the signs, that is Muslims holding placards and banners declaring that Islam will rule the world and that Britain will eventually bow down to Allah and be ruled under Sharia law.

The issue with this particular event is the fact that Muslims want a burial site that is in accordance with Sharia law and if it is granted the authorities will simply be giving value to a law that has no place in Britain.

Whilst most of us have no problem with Muslims per se, we must stand and protect British culture and its laws.  We must work together with ethnic groups in order to explain to them that this is Britain and not Saudi Arabia; here you can build a mosque and practice your religion providing such isn’t used as a weapon to usurp British culture or law.

One councilor did point out that there was already sufficient space at the borough’s two main cemeteries which may further suggest that a certain group of Muslims are merely trying to make a point that they can use their religion in order to further divide us in both life and death.

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