Plastic Surgery: A Step too Far

PLASTIC SURGERY: A STEP TOO FAR – We humans can be a vain lot when it comes to our appearances, and as the years roll on many people opt for plastic surgery in order to reverse the effects that time ravages on our looks.

There are many types of surgical procedures a person can undergo and plastic surgery does not restrict itself just to our facial features.  In many cases people have gone under the knife to change their bodies, including the enlargement or reduction in breasts, buttocks, biceps and pretty much any other part of the body you can think of.

When talking about plastic surgery most often think of this as a change to the facial features, which is one of the most common types of plastic surgery and while, for the most part, these changes are minor, there are extreme cases where people continuously go under the knife until their appearance becomes almost unrecognizable from their former self.

Michael Jackson - What He Should of Looked Like

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Do you recognized the person above?  The image is a computer generated photograph of what experts say Michael Jackson should have looked like at the age of 50.  From the photograph below, taken shortly before Michael’s death, you can clearly see that his features are remarkably different and anything but natural.

Michael Jackson - What He Did Look Like

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Micheal Jackson is certainly not the other celebrity to undergo numerous plastic surgery procedures to alter their appearance but certainly Micheal is one of those who went to the extreme and, as many doctors have pointed out, no doubt went a long way towards his deteriorating health and mental state.

Wanye Newton - Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Wayne Newton, while still recognizable takes on an almost waxy or plastic appearance, which aptly describes this field of surgery.  While he does look younger than his years, it is painfully obvious that his looks do not appear natural and no doubt the excessive make-up and fake tan do not help.

Jocelyn Wildenstein -  plastic surgery gone very wrong.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a New York Socialite who’s numerous surgeries has left her completely disfigured and unnatural in appearance.  Celebrity as we can see from so many cases, has often put a strain of the individual to go to any lengths to maintain appearance and yet these lengths often have the opposite desired effect, making them look unnatural, surreal and artificial.

There is no denying that the plastic surgery industry worldwide generates billions of dollars annually from people who feel they much undertaking one form of surgery or another in order to be able to fit in with society or fit in with societies perceptions of how they should look, and none more so than celebrities.

I am getting on in years and I haven’t changed a thing.  I believe we should grow old gracefully and accept what we look like, from the cradle to the grave – it is after all the natural order of life.

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