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Police Crime Statistics Cannot Be Trusted

Police Crime Statistics Cannot Be Trusted

POLICE CRIME STATISTICS CANNOT BE TRUSTED – The UK Statistics Authority last night withdrew its stamp of approval on crime statistics stating that police crime figures simply cannot be trusted in the wake of Plebgate.

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So much for Government Ministers jumping on their soap boxes declaring a fall in crime; yes the coalition Government has recently been ruffling their feathers of achievement due to what they call a 10 per cent fall in crime since they took office in 2010.

The Watchdog pointed the finger at the Office of National Statistics (ONS) declaring that police crime figures, in terms of detection and prevention, were liberally ‘overstating the truth’ and accused the police of downgrading crimes or erasing them altogether.

In light of the Watchdogs revelations it is clear that we cannot trust the police and even less when it comes to Government Ministers lauding their achievements in tackling crime.

In the Daily Mail’s article it appears evident that our police forces have become complacent or dare we say criminal in its own activities by downgrading crimes or simply sweeping them under the carpet altogether.

The allegations are certainly disturbing, especially when a number of these crimes include offenses of rape, child abuse, robberies and burglaries.

The public place a vast amount of trust in the police to do the job they are paid to but you have to wonder why the practice of subverting the truth through deceitful reconstruction of the statistic is actually occurring in the first place.

I doubt many feel sorry for the police but I certainly do.  Being a police officer in this day and age is not only a thankless task it has become almost pointless.

Think about it for a moment and ask yourself what sort of respect does the average bobby on the street receive from members of the public?

The answer is not a great deal; in fact I could venture to say none at all.

Now couple this with a police officer’s ability to make an arrest, file charges and see a criminal imprisoned.

Yes we are all fully aware as to how many criminals are found guilty only to be handed down suspended sentences where on release the criminal then perpetrates yet another crime of which the same scenario is played out over and over again.

We could blame the judges for not imprisoning people but that notion is complete and utter folly for a judge takes direction from legislation passed by Government.

Judges are basically directed by Ministers to find alternative solutions to imprisonment for this not only costs a vast amount of money each year it clearly provides no deterrent nor does it produce the ‘rehabilitation’ that the liberal left-wing progressives so righteously declared.

Considering that most criminals escape any form of punishment it might not be that surprising that our police forces simply find the whole idea of policing not only laughable but frankly a pointless and complete waste of public money.

We do have to acknowledge there are criminals operating within our police forces in disguise of police officers; testament to this fact is those involved in the Plebgate debacle in which police officers have admitted committing perjury in the line of duty.

For those of you who are in your senior years you will remember a time when a police officer was a highly respected and valued member of the community; but this was a time when criminals were really punished and not subjected to the liberal progressive cotton wool treatment of rehabilitation.

In a bygone era police officers could hold their heads up high knowing that a criminal was caught, convicted and taken off the streets; therefore there was a sense of purpose which is clearly lacking in today’s so-called age of social enlightenment.

Frankly you couldn’t pay me enough to be a police officer in Britain today for the job carries no reward, no sense of purpose and where the Government and the public appear all too willing to cast dispersions upon the police force as a way of subverting blame for their own failings.

What we need is a change in the law and in attitude. It’s time we started to once again respect our police officers and the job they do.

It’s time this Government stopped trying to attempt to make themselves look good through lower crime figures and let our police officers make arrests, file charges, take criminals to court and witness justice; that is either imprisonment or better yet the reinstatement of corporal and capital punishment.

Criminals should be fearful of our police officers and our legal system; instead we have a liberal left-wing justice system that vilifies the police and places the criminals as victims of an uncaring society which affords them little if any opportunity.

If you want to see crime figures drop and witness law and order on our streets then we need to stop preventing our police officers from doing their job and from being rewarded by seeing criminals facing real punishment instead of the pampering they are currently provided by our failed judicial system.

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