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Police Stop and Search Powers – Where to Draw the Line?

Police Stop and Search Powers – Where to Draw the Line?

POLICE STOP AND SEARCH POWERS – WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE? – Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Home Secretary Theresa May have put aside their differences on a number of social issues and formed an alliance to demand changes to the use of ‘Stop and Search’ by the police so that its use is limited and any police officers breaking the law would be subject to harsher punishment.

The latest official figures indicate that a person of black or an ethnic minority is some seven times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police compared to white people.

The issue here from Nick Clegg and Theresa May is twofold; firstly the practices is inordinately time wasting and costly and secondly the disproportionate targeting of black and ethnic minorities is clearly undermining public confidence in the police.

Nick Clegg also feels that such a practice only goes to deepen the community divide; as I read this statement I’m wondering if Mr. Clegg has just finally admitted that his liberal ideologies haven’t created the multicultural cohesive community that he and others have fought so hard to create.

Both Mr. Clegg and Ms. May have signed off on the reforms but it appears that those in No.10 are refusing to allow the reformed to be implemented.

The issue here is of course one of racism and bigotry; but of course it always is and living in a multicultural society will inevitably bring about social issues, especially when we live in constant fear from terrorist attack or rising criminal behaviour.

I’m a great fan of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but I’m not overly convinced people really understood what he was trying to say.  Most of us are fully aware of his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech but did we really comprehend what was said?

“Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.”

Read it again and then read it again and you will quickly come to the conclusion that he advocated peace by the peaceable and that it didn’t matter if you were black or white for your very actions would dictate who and what you are.

In modern day Britain we have a decisive problem with the so-called ethnic minority; yes statistically they are a minority by and large but of course there are certain areas of the UK where the white man is significantly out numbered.

Should such really make any difference? After all it does not matter what the colour of your skin, we all bleed red.

Again Dr. Martin Luther King was perfectly correct; the colour of a person’s skin has no bearing on the content of a person’s character so why are police appearing to abuse their powers by stopping so many black people or indeed those on the ethnic minority?

Could the answer lie in the fact that we live in a society whereby a number of those in the ethnic communities would like to engage upon acts of terrorism in order to kill and wound innocent people – predominately white people who refuse to bow down to the onslaught of Islam?

It could in fact be argued this is the case and therefore Downing Street is reluctant to reform the practice for fear that it would make terrorism much easier for those who wish to commit such an act.

The recent report was interesting in that it mentioned black people and then went on to talk about ‘ethnic groups’ but didn’t venture as to what segments; that is what proportion of these ethnic minorities were Muslim from which we fear the most due to their disturbing religious ideologies.

It appears that Britain, or rather its politicians have attempted to create a utopia of multicultural co-existence and yet it’s dug itself a deep and dark hole whereby any light is quickly veiled so that our perceived tolerance cannot be challenged.

The issue here really is one of ‘denial’ in that we are pushed further in being politically correct and therefore denied a voice to address the issues.

The truth is there are very few ‘white’ Muslim terrorists.  Oh yes we’ve seen many black terrorists and terrorist of other ethnic persuasions, mainly Muslims, but no one is allowed to speak of such things because that involves social profiling or rather as the liberals like to coin the phrase bigotry and worse racial bigotry.

I’m all for living in a multicultural society if all groups work together for the collective good but clearly there are those in the ethnic groups that won’t speak out against their own people nor condemn their actions when such results in the loss of life.

We clearly witnessed this fact with the heinous murder of Lee Rigby who was slaughtered in the streets of London in broad daylight by two Black Muslim men.

Within hours a number of community Muslim leaders came out to condemn the murder and yet there were those who supported it and even called those who undertook the atrocity heroes of Islam.

The issue here is that it is often perceived that the Muslim, black and other ethnic groups do not do enough to help prevent crime and terrorism.

So what are we faced with?  We have a choice … we can allow our police officers to continue the practice of stop and search which will inevitably target ethnic groups or we can sit back and watch the carnage with our hands tied by political ideology.

I’ve read and written about a number of possible solutions to the issues of racism and bigotry but no matter how you word possible solutions there will always be those who feel persecuted and those that will rush out to defend their rights.

Maybe we should consider the reforms for say a period of one year and study the results; that being whether crime or terrorism increases with the almost eradication of the stop and search practice.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist and not every black person is a criminal but it is a dogma that they have been tagged with due to religious and cultural habits; if change is to be effected then it is the ethnic minorities who must help towards eradicating such a persona and then maybe society will become all the better off for it.

It might just be time to extend a hand of equality and put aside the issue of colour and concentrate on, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., did, the content of their character.

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