Police to Investigate Lord Rennard Over Molestation Claims

POLICE TO INVESTIGATE LORD RENNARD OVER MOLESTATION CLAIMS – Police confirmed last night that a criminal inquiry was being made into the claims by party activists that Lord Rennard used his position, as the Liberal Democrat party’s powerful chief executive, to sexually grope and harass party activists.

While Nick Clegg and Lord Rennard continue to deny any wrong doing the Metropolitan Police are now looking into the matter to determine if in fact a criminal act had been made by Lord Rennard.

Lord Rennard

Scotland Yard reported that a number of interviews from alleged victims have already taken place and on the statements made on the allegations that first came to light in February it is imperative that a full investigation be undertaken.


Nick Clegg Knew of Sexually Abused Staff by Lord Rennard

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It was in February that the news of the sexual abuse first came to light that uncovered a string of accusations which Nick Clegg, the Party leader tried to cover up claiming that he had never received any official complaints nor was he made aware that Lord Rennard was engaging in any such activity.  However Clegg’s denial became untenable as emails were discovered that clearly informed Clegg of the issues which he decided to try to cover up.

Seriously does any of this really shock you? Are you in the least bit surprised that the left-wing has a clear agenda of ultimate communistic control that does come anywhere close to creating an equal society.

Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister

So far police have revealed that 20 official complaints and statements have been investigated detailed alleged sexual abuse by Lord Rennard to staff dating back to the early 1990’s.

Lord Rennard has continued to deny the allegations and has submitted to interviews under a police caution.

Police also intend to question Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, the Treasury Secretary and Jo Swinson the Women’s Minister over their part in the alleged cover up of the complaints.

So what are the allegations?  During Lord Rennard’s time at presiding over ‘training’ weekends, which were attended by over one hundred females that we party hopefuls, it is alleged that Lord Rennard tried to entice women back to his room. There are also allegations of groping and sexual misconduct.  In one incident a female party hopeful quit and threatened to expose Lord Rennard in an open tribunal, however she, it is alleged, was paid off before it was brought to the public forum.

Alleged victim Alison Smith - Lord Rennard Abuse

Alleged victim Alison Smith – Lord Rennard Abuse

It was in February that two female party activists finally came forward, Alison Smith and Bridget Harris, after their repeated complaints to party officials, including Nick Clegg, went unanswered. Both women took to reporting the news on Channel 4 which the news channel then accused Nick Clegg of attempting to cover up Lord Rennard’s sexual abuse of staff.

Scotland Yard has asked potential victims not to speak with the media as this could prejudice any possible court case being heard by a jury.

There is no doubt that this could potentially scupper any plans Nick Clegg had for a win in the next General Election and as this allegation unfolds if Nick Clegg is found guilty of attempting to cover up or not taking appropriate action over the allegations it will certainly spell the end of this term as Party Leader for the Liberal Democrats.

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