Politics Taking Centre Stage on Facebook

Politics Taking Centre Stage on Facebook

POLITICS TAKING CENTRE STAGE ON FACEBOOK – According to the Georgia Institute of Technology a recent study has found that people are becoming far more political on Facebook.

In turn this is beginning to divide the circle of friends as they take sides over political issues; the Georgia Institute of Technology are now suggesting that Facebook should tweak its algorithms so that more partisan stories appear.

I doubt very much that people would argue that we tend to stick with friends of similar political persuasion as it’s easier to get along.

As someone who writes on a plethora of political issues, I am learning that I need to be able to view an issue from all sides; however saying that, it doesn’t prevent me from formulating an opinion which is what meebal.com is all about.

They say if you want to keep friends then you shouldn’t discuss religion or politics but I honestly feel this is one of the major reasons the world is in the state it is today; we simply refuse to engage in a subject matter that may alienate us from our peers.

I can tell you that I get a lot of flak from readers who disagree with what I’ve written; yes the political divide is a powerful way to invoke rage but of course there are equally those who fully support my views.

The only reason mankind (human kind if you insist on political correctness) has been able to develop into the dominant species is due to our ability to communicate effectively.

Diplomacy is not my strong suit and I refuse to waste time and effort to mollycoddle an ideology that I vehemently disagree with and one where I personally feel is fundamentally wrong; I’m sure I’m not unique in that aspect.

Reading any of the articles that I have published on the political issues we all face, you will quickly discover that I don’t in fact hold with any particular political indoctrination.

Regardless of your political persuasion I doubt very much if you could put your hand on your heart and sincerely tell me that you agree with everything your chosen political party does or says.

I view politicians mainly as mere employees of the state; unfortunately society appears to have placed them on some form of social pedestal whereby we appear to readily accept most of what they have to say as gospel; either that or we’re highly susceptible to the constants stream of lies – it could be that we no longer have the ability to determine the truth from all the lies.

The truth is that there is little truth in politics in that schemes and plans are plotted and hatched with most producing little or no tangible benefit for the taxpaying public.

If I had my way, each and every politician would be working on minimum wage and even at that level it could be viewed as an extravagant cost to the taxpayer.

There are two reasons I started meebal.com; firstly I didn’t fancy being unemployed and secondly I wanted a medium in order to express my views, and equally important to allow others to do the same.

I honestly believe that we should be talking more about politics without the need to feel offended by opposing views.

Regardless of diplomacy there really isn’t any middle ground, you simply end up agreeing to disagree but that’s not an unhealthy pursuit; in fact formulating, listening and absorbing differing views is the key to our ability to progress.

If there’s one thing in life I cannot abide it’s a liberal; to be more precise the liberal left-wing progressive but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found traces of merit in their argument.

I could easily say the same for socialism under Labour or some conservative views being a little too far to the right in order for me to digest.

Whilst Facebook users might be more politically minded (and I have my doubts considering the amount of rubbish people post) then it shouldn’t divide us but rather unite us in to exploring ways to find solutions.

Facebook is currently being dubbed as the ‘great divider’ which is a concern, for it would mean that we are willing to fall out with one another just because of a political ideology or incompatible perspective.

You are of course free to disagree with anything I’ve written here but I would only disagree with you; that doesn’t mean that I would shun you as an individual but rather recognise we simply look at things in a unique way.

In closing I have to say I’m worried for the future of meebal.com for if we won’t recognise the legitimacy of another person’s view, how on earth could a blog providing a route for people to express their opinions possible succeed?

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