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Pope Francis Sacks 4 Vatican Bank Cardinals

Pope Francis Sacks 4 Vatican Bank Cardinals

POPE FRANCIS SACKS 4 VATICAN BANK CARDINALS – In what was seen as an extraordinary move Pope Francis fired no less than four out of five cardinals charged with running the Vatican Bank.

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Why? It’s an obvious question; for any Pope to sack those responsible for running the Vatican Bank must have sufficient reason in that the practices are either corrupt or that there are a number of serious accounting errors that have been unanswered.

In 2010 the Vatican Bank was caught up in controversy over allegations of money-laundering after Italian prosecutors uncovered allegedly suspicious financial activity within the organisation; an allegation that the Vatican Bank feverously denied.

During the investigation, police siezed 23 million Euros from the Vatican Bank account and went on to investigate the Bank chairman Gotti Tedeschi and his deputy, Paolo Cipriani.

Again, the move by the Pope is highly unusual which only leads to speculation that something is not quite right and considering the Vatican’s history it could be ventured that current speculation that the Bank is a corrupt organisation dealing in all manner of criminal practices holds a great deal of fact.

Pope Francis is certainly not your usual fair of Popes, for he is desperately trying to prove to the world that he is a man of vision, integrity, morality and above all a humanitarian.

Whilst I personally have no time for the Catholic religion, or indeed any form of religion, there certainly appears to be something different about Pope Francis and considering the dreadful public image the Catholic Church has suffered from in the last few decades it might be that Pope Francis is the one to turn things around and prevent the mass exodus of people leaving the faith.

If Pope Francis is sincere in cleaning up the Vatican’s image then this could well be an opportune moment to do so, for he should reveal with complete transparency as to why four senior cardinals were relieved of their positions and oust any wrong-doing; such a move would also send a very clear message to others in the Vatican that any form of impropriety will not be tolerated.

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Pope Francis Sacks 4 Vatican Bank Cardinals