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Pope Francis: Will He be Seen as the Greatest Pope Ever?

Pope Francis: Will He be Seen as the Greatest Pope Ever?

POPE FRANCIS: WILL HE BE SEEN AS THE GREATEST POPE EVER?  – According to the Global Lanugage Monitor’s annual survey Pope Francis has been the most talked about man on the planet since becoming the Pope in March 2013; yes even Justin Bieber didn’t come close.

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I’m an atheist and until the day comes where God, or indeed any of the other fictitious characters purporting to be creators of the universe, come down and have a one to one interview I shall remain so.

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I am of course not alone in my assertions that no such entity exists but rather we have simply been brainwashed by centuries of religious leaders who use the power of a perceived higher-being in order to control us; and indeed relieve us of our cash in order to fuel their own greed.

Yes it’s a cynical view but when you look at any religion it is easy to look through the smoke screen and see a corporation that not only has vast wealth but surreptitiously controls the decisions of world governments.

Look beyond the veil of perceived humanity and often what you get is an organisation that is deeply indebted to war, misery and the depths of depravity.  These traits are not commensurate to any particular religion; that being Christianity, Islam or any other faith for all have equal amounts of blood on their hands.

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A few months ago, Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury, announced he would take on the PayDay Loans firms, notably Wonga, due to their exorbitant interest rates that were effectively saddling the poor with greater debt and therefore adding to their inability to escape poverty.

In the wake of Mr. Welby’s views it was uncovered that the Church of England’s investment arm was one of the venture capitalists that provided Wonga with the initial seed capital to launch.

Unfortunately for Mr. Welby, a number of journalists dug deeper into the Church’s investment portfolio and discovered that the Church of England was heavily investing in weapons, banking and worse of all, the production of pornography.


Church of England Investment Strategy to Be Reviewed After Embarrassing Revelations

It would be most interesting to uncover the investment portfolio of the Vatican Bank but like most things surrounding the Vatican and the Holy See, these things are a highly guarded secret.

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It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if it was revealed that the Vatican was profiting from what most would refer to as illicit investments; for this is how the Vatican over the centuries has attained such heights of power.

In my view, and the view of most atheists, the world would be much better off without any form of religion.  The removal or rather banning of such would simply put an end to the continuous murder in a higher power’s name.  Many also perceive that the world’s problems, such as famine and poverty could be eradicated as people would be able to shrug off the veil of indoctrination and move towards a more productive way of life.

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This Christmas Day, the world news ticked along as usual and within this we had bombs going off in Iraq where Christians were targeted by Islamic extremists – I still fail to see how any God would condone such an act but this is certainly not new to the modern age; simply look back to the days of the Crusades where the Vatican charged its army with the hunting and slaughtering of Muslims.

So what about Pope Francis?  Is he the modern day messiah or just another bloke in a white cape that purports to be in touch with the one over a billion people call the Almighty?

According to the Daily Mail the accolade of being the most talked about human being on the planet is unique among religious leaders and Pope Francis’s ability to shape the news agenda and capture the hearts and minds of people with charismatic speeches and gestures of humanity makes Pope Francis both unique and extraordinary.

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Just a few months ago Time Magazine accredited Pope Francis as single-handedly re-vitalising a Roman Catholic Church that has been mired in scandal and long-term decline.

There are some controversial elements of Pope Francis’s past but the truth is, we all have skeletons of varying degree in our closets but that doesn’t mean we cannot change and change in such a profound way in which we are able to work for the betterment of mankind.

When Pope Francis was elected as the Holy See I viewed this as just another chapter in history in which yet another Pope would eventually be interred with whispers of wrong-doing, producing no real benefit to the Church or the people it purports to serve.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Pope Francis is different and certainly there is evidence to suggest that he is not the same as his predecessors.

I shall remain an atheist despite whatever Pope Francis accomplishes but I do think, taking God out of the equation, Pope Francis could turn out to be the man the people need and indeed will go down in the history books as one of the greatest Popes to have lived.

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One thing remains clear and that is he appears to have a deep connection with people and often shuns the trappings of office; he would rather get down to the grass roots and touch the lives of others in a positive way.

Again, God is not something I will subscribe to but I certainly would subscribe to someone who is a humanitarian and who will work tirelessly for the good of others, especially those most vulnerable, to which Pope Francis continues to adhere to with great affection.

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