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Pregnant Train Commuter Forced to Sit on the Floor

Pregnant Train Commuter Forced to Sit on the Floor

PREGNANT TRAIN PASSENGER FORCED TO SIT ON THE FLOOR – Is the age of chivalry or just plain good manners dead?

When I was a nipper my mother instilled a number of moral traits upon me and as I fast approach 50 years of age I still consider these an integral part of my life.

Today there’s news on the web of a pregnant woman who was affectively forced to sit on the floor of a train carriage after becoming a little dizzy and despite being visibly pregnant not one of the passengers in the compartment would give up their seat.

Whoever these people are, and if you are reading this, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself for it is nothing short of just plain common decency to give up your seat for either a pregnant woman or an elderly person.

The tale of this story actually goes further for Victoria Poskitt, 40, was also denied a seat in first-class despite South West Trains upgrading policy; although in this instance because she didn’t have a season ticket the jobs-worth in charge refused the upgrade and left her sitting on the floor visibly unwell.

There’s not many people I know who would have a kind word to say about any of the rail network companies; they often fail to provide even a half decent service despite the outrageous ticket fees.  Funny enough in the Daily Mail today they’ve compiled a list of the worst rail network operators – see article.

It will come as no surprise that Ms. Poskitt is somewhat upset at the attitude of South West Trains and that of its passengers for you would think in the humanitarian society that the liberals laud they have created that someone on the train would have given her a seat or at least one South West Trains employee would have taken suitable action in order to make her comfortable.

There is of course a rather distasteful twist in that some feel that in the age of equality she shouldn’t have expected anyone to give up their seat.

No doubt such could be argued but again what does this say about our society and the lack of plain common decency?

Have we now witnessed the results of the liberal indoctrination that equality must reign supreme and even a hint of suggesting someone was different due to their gender or physical state could be offensive?

Less than a month ago I was out shopping and I held open a door for a young woman I guessed to be in her 30’s; it was for me an act without thought for this is how I was bought up.  Unfortunately the young woman scowled at me and then abruptly asked if I thought she was incapable of opening the door for herself.

I didn’t respond at all for doing so would have meant, in my eyes at least, lowering myself to her level of rudeness and despite the frosty reception I will continue to open doors for women, men, the elderly and even the young when appropriate for it is merely an act of courtesy that society really shouldn’t be without.

The older I get the more disillusioned I become with people and their modern attitudes; I’m getting to the point where I long for retirement…. preferably on a secluded island.

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