Problem with the Middle East in a Nut Shell

by Editor | May 6, 2014 2:30 am

PROBLEM WITH THE MIDDLE EAST IN A NUT SHELL – Issues of humanity and indeed society do not materialise out of thin air; they are intrinsically engineered by those who have a grievance and in the case of the Middle East, according to Dennis Prager, the problem is fundamentally easy to understand but apparently almost impossible to fix.

In the video, Dennis Prager describes the issue that has long caused a division in the Middle East; it is of course the issue with the State of Israel and more importantly how its neighbours basically want every Jew dead.

Dennis Prager’s video certain does wrap up the situation in a nut shell but it’s helpful at this stage to provide a wider picture of what transpired that led the Middle East to engage in continuous open warfare and therefore decades of instability within the region.

In this next video by Encounter Books, it provides a interesting picture on the history of the Middle East within just 11 minutes and in our view it’s certainly worth watching.

Have your say Do you think there will ever be peace in the Middle East or will the perpetration of hatred continue until the Muslims finally get their way; that being the total annihilation of the Jewish people and the State of Israel?

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